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Patent, I.P. & Startup Valuation Services

Tynax is often called upon to appraise patents, trademarks, software code and other intellectual assets and find a fair market value.

Tynax provides patent & intellectual property valuation services for patent holders, professional valuation companies and investors. As Tynax is actively involved in brokering patent sale transactions, representing buyers and sellers, Tynax has unique insights into the value of patents and related assets. Patent valuations are conducted by the Tynax CEO, David Smith who authored the book Dollar Value ~ The Valuation of Patents, Startups, Software and Other Intellectual Property Assets.

Level 2 Patent Valuation ~ $2,500 Per Patent

Tynax evaluates the patent, examining the overall construction, relative age and the scope of the claims. We then undertake further research to find the most similar assets that have sold most recently on the marketplace. Royalty rates for similar patents are researched to determine what type of royalty might be considered reasonable in a court of law. The value of the patent in an assertion, or counter-assertion scenario is then modeled.

This service involves estimating the royalties that may be collected from a licensing program using a discounted cashflow methodology. This can be performed on single patents, pending applications or a small patent family.

Level 1 Patent Portfolio Valuation

As well as undertaking custom, detailed analysis of individual patents and patent applications, Tynax has tools to analyze and assess the value large portfolios comprising thousands or tens of thousands of patent assets.

Each patent in the portfolio is analyzed and a value is placed on each patent. The comparables methodology is adopted, which compares the patent with others that have recently sold on the market to find an estimated market value. An aggregate value of the portfolio is provided.

Level 2 Patent Portfolio Valuation

In addition to the information provided in a Level 1 valuation, further analysis is performed on the most valuable assets, and a more detailed valuation report is provided.

Level 1 Corporate I.P. Valuation

Here Tynax performs valuation appraisals on complete corporate patent portfolios, software, trademarks and other intellectual property assets. Often, but not always, these are conducted for tax purposes whem companies are moving I.P. from one country to another. These are highly customized valuation reports that are tailored to the specific intellectual property held by the company. Dollar Value Book

Level 2 Corporate I.P. Valuation

This enhanced valuation service can be used for inter-company pricing, international tax matters and due diligence in mergers, acquisitions, venture capital and other financings.


The methodologies used by Tynax have been detailed in the book Dollar Value and include comparables, cost-based and income-based approaches.

Credible Valuations

The valuations provided by Tynax represent realistic prices that reflect the real market prices paid when patents are bought and sold in arms-length transactions. If you are looking for a valuation that is unrealistic and unconnected with the real IP market, Tynax is not your best choice. However, if you're looking for a justified and reasonable valuation, Tynax will provide a rapid, realistic and credible service.

Typical Assignments

Over recent years, Tynax has performed valuations of patents in scenarios such as:

  • Where investors are looking to determine the value of a patent before investing,
  • Where patents are being assigned from one company to a subsidiary or parent company (often in another country).
  • Where transfer pricing is required for cross-border transactions.
  • Where patents were acquired as part of a settlement agreement and a value needs to be placed on the assets for accounting purposes.
  • Where patent holders are looking to assess their options with regard to patent monetization options.