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Technology Wanted

Novel approaches to cancer therapy

As a large multinational corporation operating in the healthcare sector, we are looking for certain new technologies to license or acquire.


Our portfolio includes products in clinical development for a range of solid and haematological tumours including breast, prostate, lung, colorectal, pancreatic, thyroid and melanoma.

Our current research is directed towards the identification of small molecule and monoclonal antibody modulators of novel mechanisms regulating tumour cell growth and the supporting tumour environment.

Areas of Interest<p> </p>


We are particularly interested in partnering opportunities for the following Biological Effect Areas and related molecular targets:

- Growth Factors / Survival Signalling

- Androgen receptor antagonists / selective androgen receptor downregulators

- Survival signalling pathways (e.g. mTOR; Akt; PI3 kinase)

- b-raf / MAP kinase, ErbB2, Bcl-2, HSP90, IGF1R, Cancer stem cell targets, C-met

Cell Cycle

- Opportunities with advanced clinical data



- Smac

- Survivin


- Opportunities with clinical data

Vascular Modulation



Opportunities with clinical data

Other Areas of Interest

- Cytotoxics differentiated on efficacy and / or safety grounds from existing agents

- Immunomodulators, e.g. toll-like receptor approaches

- Differentiated, next-generation, oncology-specific supportive care opportunities

Patents and Intellectual Property

We will only consider technology covered by a patent.

We are interested in both global and regional opportunities, including Japan and emerging markets such as China.

We are seeking collaborations, product licensing deals and also biomarker platform technology opportunities.

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