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Technology Wanted

Seeking novel therapies in diabetes and obesity

As a large multinational corporation operating in the healthcare sector, we are looking for certain new technologies to license or acquire.


We are committed to the development of novel therapies to increase lifespan and improve the quality of life by reducing the risk, prevalence, and impact of diabetes and obesity.

Areas of Interest

Oral diabetes segment

- Insulin sensitisers

- Glucose dependent insulin secretagogues (oral GLP-1, PTP-1b)

- Beta cell protection/regeneration

- Compounds should have beneficial or neutral effect on other CV risk factors, including body weight

Step-change insulins and management

- Non-injectable administration (oral, inhalation or transdermal)

- Non-invasive glucose monitoring

Injectable diabetes segment

- Beta cell protection/regeneration

- Glycaemic control and weight loss

- Best in Class GLP-1 agonists


- Novel mechanism for weight loss/prevention of weight gain including appetite and/or energy expenditure

- Early stage opportunities with proof of concept in preclinical models

- Good safety profile

Patents and Intellectual Property

We will only consider technology covered by a patent.

Deal Structure, Licensing and Ownership of Intellectual Property

We are looking to buy this technology.

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