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Technology Wanted

Seeking a Kind of Dry Cleaning Machine

Our partner company is seeking a kind of dry cleaning technology/machine for domestic use.


Most domestic washing machines use water to clean clothes. With the increasing demand on dry cleaning, we hope to develop a kind of domestic dry cleaning machine to meet the daily washing demands for customers.

The successful product should:

• Have a capacity of 3kg

• Use eco-friendly and safe dry cleaning agent with the flash point at 100°C

We welcome responses from companies (large or small and medium enterprises), technical experts and academic or industrial researchers, inventors and venture capitalists.

Patents and Intellectual Property

We will consider technology not covered by a patent.

The company prefers to work with partners that have existing technologies or approaches that can be applied to this specific application. Collaboration can involve technology licensing, product sourcing, proof of concept leading to joint development agreements and assistance with scale-up to manufacturing.

Additional Information

Preference will be given to technologies or approaches that currently have working prototypes that can undergo feasibility, validation or proof of concept over a 3-6 month period.
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