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Seeking Heating Technologies for Heat Pump Water Heater at Low Temperature

We are seeking solutions and/or technologies for heat pump water heaters to work properly (generate hot water) even when the environmental temperature is at -25°C.


When environmental temperature lowers down, the heating efficiency of heat pump water heaters will fall (the heating performance of refrigerant will drop under low temperature), or it won't work properly. We are now seeking for technologies that can effectively increase the heating performance of heat pump units, to ensure that the heat pump water heater can work stably for a long time even the environment temperature is under - 20 ℃.

Successful responses will:

• Be able to produce hot water (65°C) at -25-43°C

• Have a COP of above 3.4, when the ambient temperature is over 20°C and the outlet water temperature is at 65°C

• Have a COP of above 2.0, when the ambient temperature is under -20°C

• Improve the heating capacity by 20-30% under -7°C, compared with regular heating pump (not CO2 heat pump system)

Preference will be given to technologies or approaches that currently have working prototypes that can undergo feasibility, validation or proof of concept over a 3-6 month period.

Patents and Intellectual Property

We will consider technology not covered by a patent.

Deal Structure, Licensing and Ownership of Intellectual Property

We are looking to license this technology.

The company prefers to work with partners that have existing technologies or approaches that can be applied to this specific application. Collaboration can involve technology licensing, product sourcing, proof of concept leading to joint development agreements and assistance with scale-up to manufacturing.
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