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Technology Wanted

Seeking Technologies for Smart Materials

Our multinational partner company is seeking mature and proven technologies in the field of smart materials.


Smart materials have properties that can be changed by an external condition i.e. providing visual changes. The company is seeking materials that are able for consistent & controlled release; and/or adjustable intensity, especially with wide ambient temperature ranges; and/or Clear Activation & End-Of-Life Signals. The sought materials might be capable for providing visual changes for enhancing consumer experience. Approaches should fit FMCG cost and manufacturing constraints.

Possible approaches could be based on:

• Membrane materials with controllable / adjustable porosity e.g. temperature response, voltage response

• Indicator materials (e.g. color change, shape change, etc.)

• Materials responsive to external stimuli, such as light, heat, …

Preference will be given to mature and proven technologies with short development time.

Patents and Intellectual Property

We will consider technology not covered by a patent.

Collaboration can involve:

• Manufacturing contract,

• IP licensing / Royalties,

• Success fee.