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Technology Wanted

Technologies to Boost Immunity and Recovery

Seeking technologies and approaches that help build immunity and fast recovery from illnesses,


Potential technologies would include chemical, physical or biological methods/ingredients that help in removal of the viral infection from the body, reducing the “load” on the immune system and helping it recover quicker. Alternative approaches could be those that “up-regulate” the bodies innate immune system. Recovery products should get the immune system back up to full strength quicker at the end of an illness and reduce the chances of catching a subsequent infection.

Patents and Intellectual Property

We will consider technology not covered by a patent.

Additional Information

- Technologies to be taken only after onset of illness

- Technology should shorten time for immune system to return to full strength

- Any format is acceptable

- Does not need to be taken everyday to provide protection (i.e. after patient is well). To take one “course” only when patient is ill to regain full strength.

- Suitable for OTC self administration