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Technology Wanted

Breath Freshening Technologies Wanted

Actively seeking novel technologies that can be used to provide long lasting clean, fresh breath.


We are a multinational consumer products company actively seeking novel technologies that can be used to provide long lasting clean, fresh breath. Whilst current solutions (e.g. mouthwashes) provide a temporary effect for those with mild symptoms, they are not effective for chronic halitosis sufferers. Halitosis (or oral malodour) can affect a large percentage of consumers, and the client is keen to find a solution that delivers a clinically validated solution for fresh breath for longer than 4 hours.

Products currently on the market to treat halitosis focus on chemical solutions, such as mouthwash, or mechanical solutions, such as tongue scrapers. Although these technologies are somewhat effective, we are looking for disruptive improvements that can be adapted into a durable device. Therefore, this technology would be based on a physical effect (e.g. light) or mechanical, either by itself or in combination with a chemical solution, and should last for 8 hours.

Possible interesting technologies:

 Disruption of bacterial biofilm in the tongue

 Inactivation / removal of bacteria from the surfaces of the oral cavity

 Successful elimination of sulphurous compounds produced by oral bacteria

 Reduction of food debris in the mouth that result in foul smell during decomposition

 Technologies to treat dry mouth (xerostomia) which can contribute to conditions that cause bad breath

 Technology that can be applied to a toothbrush for enhanced functionality

 Clinically proven device solutions that can provide effect for 4+ hours

Patents and Intellectual Property

We will consider technology not covered by a patent.

Additional Information

Key requirements:

 Technology must have proof of concept and preferably have clinical evidence as well

 It should have applicability as a home-device for use by a non-technical user

 Should provide noticeable fresh feel after a short application, around 20 seconds (or longer if included as part of existing routine e.g. tooth-brushing)

 The effects should last for a minimum of 8 hours

 Must not be uncomfortable for the user, for example, not inflicting a gagging response

Solutions that are NOT interesting:

 Technologies requiring high skill for successful use

 Technologies that might require safety precautions

 Solutions based on chemicals alone

We are willing to invest in a partner that has proven expertise and a product with proof of concept and preferably some degree of clinical/relevant regulatory approval, such as FDA and/or endorsement by a Dental Professional.

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