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Technology Wanted

LED, Laser & Inkjet Printing Patents

Buying patents related to the print engine, consumable supplies and all aspects of modern computer printing.


We are looking to buy patents related to all aspects of modern printing in professional and consumer applications. Areas of interest include:

General print technologies:

- Paper handling.

- Duplexing.

- Raster image processing.

- Adobe PostScript, PS.

- Printer Command Language, PCL.

- XPS.

- Cleaning mechanisms.

- Multi-function printers.

- Wide format paper handling.

- Printing on canvas and other materials.

Laser technologies:

- Drum.

- Fuser.

- Controllers.

- Toner handling.

- Electrostatic charging.

Inkjet technologies:

- Piezoelectric crystals.

- Continuous ink jet (CIJ).

- Drop-on-demand (DOD).

- Thermal DOD inkjet.

- Print head -- fixed and disposable.

- Calibration.

- Ink moistening.

- Ink handling & fluid control.

LED printers:

- Light-emitting diode array.

- Focusing lens.

- Light Emitting Diode printhead.


- Toner.

- Ink.

- Cartridge design.

Patents and Intellectual Property

We will only consider technology covered by a patent.

Countries we would like patent coverage in: U.S. and all large markets including Japan.

Deal Structure, Licensing and Ownership of Intellectual Property

We are looking to buy this technology.

Will buy the patents and provide a license back to the seller.

Additional Information

Looking to buy US patents with international counterparts and complete patent families.