Technology Wanted

Searching for innovative technologies enabling the wireless powering of everyday devices

Designer and manufacturer of electrical solutions for commercial, housing, healthcare, governmental and industrial applications seeking new technologies


Current wireless power technology is centred on providing solutions for small devices or those in close proximity - e.g. placing a mobile phone on a charging pad, charging of tooth brushes etc. However, this either relies on collaboration with the manufacturers of the target devices (e.g. batteries) or is restricted to low power short range transfer.

We are interested in continuously powering every-day devices (such as PCs, TVs, etc.), simultaneously and within a room environment. Enabling technology will allow them to provide

products that could replace electrical infrastructure (such as wiring, sockets, trunking, etc.) for offices, temporary meeting spaces and the home environment. We are therefore searching for a product, technology platform or patents that can achieve true wireless power:-

- Allow use over distance (centimetres to 10’s of meters)

- Provide power in range of 30W – 100W (not mW or kW)

- High efficiency – should be capable of >85% transfer efficiency

- Applicable to multiple devices (without requiring invasive modification to these devices)

- IP protected (technology must have IP protection such as patents)

- Technology should be at least at the proof of concept stage

- Inherently safe to organic life

We deliver innovative products which are chosen for their reliability, inherent safety, performance and efficiency – have extensive R&D capabilities which allow us to customize any platform technology for the marketplace. The company has excellent routes to market, via retail and direct trade sales and through installers and specifiers. Knowledge of worldwide regulatory approval systems and close relationship with end-users means we are therefore extremely well placed to take a new product to market.

The company now seeks to grow its product offering by buying, distributing or licensing in innovative products, components, systems and technologies. Innovations should have good Intellectual Property (IP) protection or be protectable. We are interested in all stages of technology, from academic research through to acquisition, and also in solutions that provide short term products through to game-changing technology that requires extensive development to bring to market.

Patents and Intellectual Property

We will consider technology not covered by a patent.