Technology Wanted

Seeking New Technology in the Area of Hypertension

We are a large pharmaceutical company proactively seeking new partnership opportunities.


As a fortune 500 multinational corporation operating in the healthcare sector, we are looking for certain new technologies to license or acquire. If you have technologies in these areas, we welcome you to get in touch via Tynax. We have the sales channels to effectively bring new healthcare products to market.

We are keenly aware of and continuously review discoveries and developments across the entire drug discovery and development community. To achieve this, our Review and Licensing Committees, each target a specific therapeutic area or technology. This means that we provide a formal review and response for every viable opportunity.

Area of Interest: Hypertension

- Antihypertensive agents, with at least preclinical proof of concept, superior and/or additive to current therapies.

- Diuretics with improved efficacy and/or saftey/tolerability as compared to thiazides.

-Long-acting vasorelaxants with improved effiacy and/or saftey/tolerability as compared to CCB.

- Potassium-neutral mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists.

- Novel RAAS pathway modulators

- Agents that mediate vascular remodeling

> Combination agents with added antihypertensive activity.

- Agents with additional benefits on other components of metabolic syndrome.

- Platform technologies for identifying novel targets for hypertension.

Opportunistic Late-Stage Agents:

- Antihypertensive agents that target patient populations poorly controlled with current agents.

- Late-stage, best-in-market, patent-protected combinations of 2 drugs (ARB/diuretic, ARB/CCB and CCB/diuretic) or 3 drugs (ARB/CCB/diuretic).

- CHF agents that can be registered on their anti-hypertensive effectiveness.

- ACE-NEP or ECE-NEP inhibitors with extensive safety database.

- Peripheral arterial disease agents.

Not Interested in:

- Existing classes: ACE inhibitors, ARBs, CCBs, B-Blockers.

- Nutraceuticals.

- Early-stage endothelin antagonists.

- Agents for the treatment of portal or pulmonary hypertension.

- Acute treatments for heart failure (without antihypertensive properties).

- Chronic heart failure agents that increase inotropy or only provide symptonatic relief.

- Ventricular/atrial antiarrhythmic agents.

- Blood substitutes.

Patents and Intellectual Property

We will only consider technology covered by a patent.