Technology Wanted

Looking to Acquire Audio-Video Technology Patents and Portfolios

Video compression, delivery and manipulation for consumer players and devices


We are actively searching for individual patents or patent portfolios related to video and audio delivery and play-back on consoles, handsets and a wide range of consumer electronics devices.

Technologies of interest include data compression, video manipulation, watermarking, digital rights management (DRM), video play-back, and video transmission. Essentially, the ideal patents would support the delivery of video (and embedded audio) streams to a consumer device, manipulation of the image (for example to change the display format), compression, decompression of the video stream and display on a handset, PDA, set-top-box or other consumer device.

Patents and Intellectual Property

We will only consider technology covered by a patent.

Countries we would like patent coverage in: Our interest is primarily in issued U.S. patents with supporting international counter-parts. We are open to consider individual patents or portfolios.

Deal Structure, Licensing and Ownership of Intellectual Property

We are looking to buy this technology.

The typical deal structure would involve an acquisition of the patents, and assignment of the patent rights to our operating company. A license back can be negotiated allowing the seller to continue to practice the patented inventions. We have budget to acquire patents and could move relatively quickly to close a transaction.

Due Dates for Proposals and Responses

If you have patents in this space, please contact us via the "Tell Me More" form. We would like to hear from you as soon as possible.