Tynax ~ Patent Library

Range of Services to Facilitate Patent Sale & Licensing Transactions

Tynax provides brokering, valuation, deal structuring, evidence of use research, patent analysis, consulting and other services that help clients monetize their intellectual assets and acquire patent protection from the Patent Library.

Tynax operates a full-service patent brokerage representing buyers or sellers in a variety of patent-related transactions. If you browse the listings, you will see that Tynax is very popular with both buyers and sellers. In fact, you will find tens of thousands of patents listed. Scale is very helpful when it comes to brokering transactions. With more patents available, Tynax attracts more buyers.. and more buyers results in more transactions.

  • Click here if you're looking to monetize a large patent portfolio.
  • Click here if you're an inventor or small/medium business with a heavily infringed portfolio.
  • Click here if you're a startup or a growing business looking for patent protection.
  • Click here if you're a defendant looking to minimize your costs and exposure from a patent infringement suit.
  • Click here if you're looking to sell/commercialize patents that aren't yet being infringed.


  • Buy-Side Brokerage—sourcing quality patents and investment opportunities. We currently have 562,984 indexed and rated patents available from corporations and organizations that are looking to sell or license their patent assets.
  • Sell-Side Brokerage—brokering patent sale and licensing transactions.
  • I.P. Strategy Consulting—revenue generation, cost reduction, risk reduction and partnering strategies.
  • Patent & Portfolio Analysis—evaluation of portfolios and individual patents to identify litigation-quality assets.
  • Evidence of Use (EOU)—identifying potential infringers & preparing litigation-quality “Rule 11” claims charts.
  • I.P. Valuation—appraisals of patents, trademarks, software code, startups and a range of intellectual assets.
  • I.P. Education—seminars and online courses in conjunction with Silicon Valley Business School.

Typical Business Scenarios where Tynax is Engaged:

  • Acquiring Patents for Counter-Assertion—large corporations acquiring patents for strategic defense.
  • Brokering Licenses to Settle Patent Disputes—helping defendants settle patent infringement cases at minimal cost.
  • Asset Sale Transactions—corporations, institutions and individual inventors selling patents.
  • Patent Licensing—patent holders running patent licensing programs.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions—valuation and evaluation of intellectual property in M&A deals.
  • Corporate Restructuring—valuation and evaluation of intellectual property in spin-outs and cross-border corporate migrations.
  • Business Planning—strategic planning for organizations investing in intellectual property.

Why Tynax?

  • Custom software platform designed to match buyers with quality patents and manage all aspects of the patent sourcing and marketing process—our system, developed over more than a decade of dedicated software engineering work, enables us to offer unique services and capabilities to our clients. It also enables us to more effectively source quality patents for buyers and market assets for our patent-selling clients.
  • Front-Line Insights—brokering transactions, dealing with buyers, sellers, licensors and licensees on a daily basis provides Tynax with a real-world understanding of markets, prices and a direct connection with the players involved.
  • Marketplace Insights—operating the leading global patent exchange provides Tynax with a unique viewpoint, a connection with the players and a unique understanding of current market conditions.
  • Unbiased Perspectives—where patent attorneys sell prosecution services, they’re not entirely unbiased when it comes to offering strategic advice to clients. Too often clients are advised to prosecute as many patents as possible, and clients often find they’ve invested in many patents with little or no strategic value. As Tynax does not offer prosecution services, it is able to offer unbiased perspectives and advice.

Experienced Professional Staff

Our staff specialize in sourcing patents on behalf of buyers and brokering patent acquisition transactions. Over the course of more than 15 years in business, we have learned the trade, negotiated with many different types of organizations and dealt with almost every situation that you can imagine. As patents are weapons of litigation, they are assets that need to be treated carefully, and the transaction brokering process is something that we have learned requires specialist skills, experience and capabilities.