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Looking to Secure Patent Protection for your Growing Business?

If you're an ambitious startup or an established business that's growing quickly, you're going to become a victim in the patent wars unless you secure patent protection. As you grow more successful you become more of a target. Large, established competitors with substantial patent portfolios often file lawsuits against new market entrants, but they are deterred if you have access to patents that you can use in counter assertion against them. Essentially, you need ammunition aimed at your competitors to defend yourself from attacks and deter attacks in future.

Building Portfolios Through Prosecution Takes (Too Much) Time and Budget

What can you do to secure effective patent protection? The old approach was to build its own patents from scratch. Prosecuting a new patent application takes years, costs money and leads to unreliable results--if the patent does get granted, it will be years before the invention gets adopted in the marketplace and the patent matures into a weapon that can be effectively used against a competitor. In reality, most of the budget spent building patent portfolios is wasted because the vast majority of the resulting patents prove to be ineffective weapons against heavily armed competitors. Seriously, billions of dollars are wasted each year building patents that will never be infringed and will never withstand the rigors of a legal challenge.

Weapons for Defense & Counter-Assertion

We all know that a patent is an exclusive right. A right to exclude others from practicing the invention without a license. But what does this mean in the real world of business strategy? It means the patent holder has a right to petition the court to block infringing products entering the market and force infringers to pay a reasonable royalty. Accused infringers don't want to pay royalties, or have their products withdrawn from the market so they challenge the validity of the patents asserted against them. They also fire back, asserting patents of their own against their opponent. Perhaps surprisingly, most patents (about 99% of them) are not built to withstand the rigors of a legal challenge, they're ineffective as weapons and prove to be little more than trophies of technical prowess. Counter-assertion has proved an effective defense. A company that is armed with dangerous patents that can be targeted at its competitors is somewhat protected and resistant to attack.

When your company comes under attack from a competitor, the weapons you need to fire back in a counter-assertion must be heavily infringed by your opponent. The patents you need are usually more than ten years old, and must have been built to withstand the rigors of litigation. To use a patent against an opponent, you have to be able to show that products being marketed by the competitor are practicing the patented invention in their products. The patent that is effective against one competitor might be totally ineffective against another.

Being "Armed & Dangerous" Deters Bullies

Competitors often act like bullies, bringing patent lawsuits and preying on the weak. They tend to avoid attacking companies that they perceive as "armed and dangerous". Simply having access to patents via Tynax can send a signal to your competitors that you have access to a huge library of patents, and you have the weapons to mount an effective counter-attack. When you do come under attack, you can choose to check out the patents that are most dangerous to your opponent, and you can inform the opponent that there are many more patents available to you for defense.

562,984 Patents Available Via Tynax

After acting as a leading patent broker for more than 15 years, Tynax has a relationship with a large number of patent holders and has identified 562,984 patents available for sale or licensing. Tynax has analyzed, rated and indexed all these 562,984 patents, and identified the patents most likely to withstand the challenge of assertion and identified which companies appear to be infringing each of them.

Tynax can help you secure patent protection at a fraction of the cost, and in a fraction of the time you would expect to pay if you went through the traditional patent prosecution approach.

Tynax can help you acquire mature, infringed patents that you can use in counter assertion at very reasonable prices. Tynax can possibly negotiate creative arrangements where you don't have to buy the patents until you need them.

Please contact us and let us know more about your business and your objectives. We will be happy take a look at the patents on the market and let you know if we might be able to help you get the patent protection you need.