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Monetizing a Large Patent Portfolio

If you're looking to monetize a large patent portfolio, look no further than Tynax. Tynax can analyze your patents, finding the most valuable assets, then organize a monetization program that involves patent sale and/or licensing transactions. Sometimes a combination of patent selling and licensing is the most effective approach. Please contact us here at Tynax and we will be happy to take a look at your portfolio and give you an assessment of what we think might be realistically possible.

Unique Patent Analysis Tools Help Identify Your Most Marketable Assets

Tynax has unique tools to analyze a large patent portfolio, rate all the patents, identify patents that are most likely infringed, then Tynax has capabilities to gather evidence of use and prepare portfolios of patents for sale and licensing. This process can help you manage your costs and reduce your prosecution and maintenance fees by evaluating the market potential for each of your patents. This provides you with the information you need to determine where you might want to invest in future. There will be some patents and applications that are worth pursuing, but there are also sure to be some inventions that are going nowhere and are best discontinued. Substantial savings can be achieved by dropping dead-end patents, cutting the cost of prosecution and maintenance fees.

Help You Cut Costs as Well as Increase Return on Investment

It's hardly surprising that the patents that are most likely sellable, and most suitable for generating licensing revenues are the most heavily infringed assets and are the most valuable. Companies sometimes try to sell off the weak patents instead of simply abandoning them, but the idea of selling off the weakest patents is simply not practical. It would be a waste of time to try to sell off all the weaker patents as buyers are only interested in heavily infringed patents that can stand up to the rigors of litigation.

Innovative Routes to Profitable Patent Monetization

If you're looking to extract revenues from a large patent portfolio, through patent sale and licensing, please get in touch. The market is very tough, but we have some unique capabilities and innovative routes to profitable patent monetization.