Tynax ~ Patent Library

Looking to Monetize a Heavily Infringed Patent Portfolio?

If you have a group of patents covering inventions that are being widely practiced in the marketplace, you're going to need to gather evidence of infringement and essentially prepare a business plan designed to generate maximum revenue.

Experience & Necessary Skills

Tynax has the experience and capability you need to gather the evidence you need, prepare sales/licensing materials and Tynax has the connections you need in order to run the patent sale/licensing campaign, including contingent patent litigators, investors, licensing companies, technical experts and researchers.

Online Questionnaire/Listing Gathers the Key Information We Need

You can contact us by clicking the 'Contact' link at the bottom of this page, or alternatively, if you would like to create a (free) account on our site, you can create a listing, essentially a questionnaire asking all the information we need to know in order to help you. If you select to create a 'detailed' listing, you will receive a series of forms asking you for information on the patents, the infringement, licensing history and other information that we're going to need. Don't worry, this information is not published on our website and we understand how this confidential information can be highly sensitive. As a first step, the information on infringement and licensing history will simply be used by Tynax staff to assess the opportunity and figure out the best route to monetizing your patent assets.

Proven Track Record

Tynax has a track record in the patent brokering business. Check out examples of transactions brokered by Tynax