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Looking to Get of Out of a Patent Infringement Suit at Minimal Cost?

If you're a defendant in a patent litigation lawsuit, you're facing the prospect of legal fees as well as the possibility of paying substantial royalties to a patent holder as the result of a settlement, or a damages award at trial.

Bulk-Buying Enables Tynax to Negotiate Preferential License Rates

With large numbers of patents available for license, and relationships with large numbers of patent holders, Tynax may be able to help you acquire the license you need to get the case dismissed. Of course, you can try to negotiate a license through your lawyers, but often lawyers are not too eager to settle a case early, they want to drag it out for a while, then they're not always good at holding friendly, constructive negotiations with the opposing counsel.

Negotiate Broader Licenses to Prevent Future Cases

As a broker, disconnected from the lawsuit, Tynax can act as an intermediary, a buffer between the lawyers representing each side, and Tynax can help negotiate license arrangements that not only settle the case at hand, but provide you with a perpetual license and some security that similar cases will not be filed against you in future. Rather than launching contentious legal attacks, Tynax can often open constructive business-to-business negotiations with patent holders directly, enabling you to acquire patent rights that result in cases being dismissed and help you avoid costly legal fees.