Tynax ~ Patent Library

LTE & Other Standards-Essential Patents

Tynax provides clients with unique services proven to build portfolios of standards-essential patents in the areas of LTE, LTE-Advanced, Wi-Fi and other areas.

Standards-Essential Patents

A standard-essential patent is a patent that claims an invention that must be used to comply with a technical standard. Use of the invention is essential if a product, like a smartphone, is going to conform with the standard.

Standards are set by organizations such as ETSI and IEEE that often require members disclose and grant licenses to their patents and pending patent applications that cover a standard that the organization is developing.

Sourcing Standards-Essential Patents

Tynax specializes in tracking the standards, identifying the patents and applications that correspond to the standard, and brokering arrangements that enable Tynax client to build portfolios of patents that are convincingly mapped to the standards.

Beyond Brokering Patent Sale Transactions

Of course, Tynax brokers the sale of patents in all fields of technology, but in this area of standards-essential patents, Tynax goes above and beyond the role of patent broker. Tynax orchestrates the development of standards-essential patents by engaging with standards experts, technical experts and patent prosecution experts to create families of patents that conform with the standards.

Identifying & Tracking Patents and Applications

Tynax monitors the patents and applications relevant to a particular standard, and keeps track of new patent filings and developments within the field of technology.

Standards Experts

Experts on standards are engaged to provide input and guidance as to proposed new standards and existing standards.

Technical Experts

Technical experts with deep knowledge and experience of designing and developing advanced wireless and other technologies are engaged by Tynax to provide advice and guidance as to how the standards are deployed in the marketplace.

Patent Prosecution Experts

Tynax engages with patent prosecutors with a proven ability to build quality patents that are designed to withstand the rigors of licensing and litigation.

Evidence of Use

Detailed claims charts are developed that map the claims of the patents to the relevant standards.