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If you have patents that you're looking to monetize, please go ahead and let us know by creating a free listing. Don't worry, your patent numbers will not be published on our website. In fact, when we receive your listing, what we do is match your patents with the searches we're running for our members and active buyers who are looking to secure patent protection. If we find a match, and we have a buyer interested in acquiring or licensing your patents, we will contact you to follow up.

Free Listing--No Obligation

You can create an account for free, then go ahead and post listings of patents and evidence-of-use materials you're looking to monetize.

How to Create a Listing

To create a listing, you first need to create an account . After logging in to your account console, select "Create Listing" from the My Listings tab. Then simply answer the questions presented in the forms and enter your patent numbers. We advise you to answer the questions as fully as possible. Once one of our members expresses an interest in your listing, we will contact you to help you broker a patent sale or licensing transaction.

Success Fees

When we bring you proposals to sell or license your patents, they will be accompanied by proposals for our success fees, which are payable only when you successfully collect patent sale or licensing revenues from the resulting transactions. You are not obliged to accept any offers or complete any transactions--the decisions are entirely yours. Success fee are only payable in the event of success, in the form of closed transactions. When you collect revenue, we earn a share.

For sellers, the success fees are calculated as a percentage of the revenues collected.

Sell-Side Brokering

In some cases, where it's the most effective approach, we may offer to act as your sell-side patent broker. This involves Tynax actively marketing your patents and running an outbound sales campaign on your behalf. We undertake the necessary research, prepare a marketing package, draw up lists of potential buyers and licensees, then we approach them on your behalf. By simply creating a listing on this site, you are not engaging Tynax as your patent broker. The engagement would be subject to a separate (one page) contract.

Successful Track Record

Tynax is consistently identified among the world's leading patent brokers. Here on our website you can find a selection of transactions brokered by Tynax.

Free Books & Guide to Selling Your Patents

We publish a popular free online guide to selling your patents which introduces and summarizes the patent sale process. For a more in-depth understanding of the patent business, we publish a free book Patents, Cloaks & Daggers--Inside the Secretive Patent Trade which is authored by our Chairman David Smith and is available as a web page or PDF download. More insights into the various issues and potential strategies are published in the IP Strategy book by our CEO Greg Benoit.

Valuation--What's Your Patent Worth?

If you're looking to understand how patents are valued, check out the free book Dollar Value--The Valuation of Patents, Startups, Software and Other Intellectual Property Assets authored by our Chairman David Smith.

Courses on Intellectual Property and Patent Strategy

If you're looking for more thorough grounding to undertand what's involved in monetizing patents, via our sister company, Silicon Valley Business School, we offer courses on a range of legal and intellectual property topics.