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Number of Priority Patents Wanted listings: 119

Our primary focus right now is sourcing patents for our buying program. If you have infringed patents, please check out this program. It's quick and easy to submit your patents, and you will get responsive feedback on the status of our evaluation.

Email storage, compression and synchronization. Related technologies: Office suite mail clients, cloud based email, group messaging  > view
Oral Healthcare Patents Wanted
Looking for teeth cleaning, teeth whitening and other patents related to oral healthcare.  > view
Wireless Wide Area Network and 3G/4G Systems
Seeking patents related to WWAN and 3G/4g technologies  > view
Data Center-Related Patents
Inventions to cover products & services in switches, routers, access points, network security and storage applications.  > view
Looking for Pending USPTO Patent Applications
Our professional patent attorneys take over prosecution and subsequent licensing of US patents.  > view
Seeking Patents for Location Based Services
With the raise in mobile devices we are looking for patents relating to a customer's location.  > view
Cloud-Software, Online Backup & Other Cloud Services Patents Wanted
Seeking patents related to online backup, online documents and wide range of cloud services.  > view
Bluetooth Patents Wanted
Buying short wavelength radio transmission patents deploying bluetooth protocols.  > view
Transparent Display Patents
Seeking patented inventions related to OLED and other transparent display technologies.  > view
Solar Technologies
Solar power generation, storage and management both hardware and software.  > view
Patient Monitoring & Home Healthcare Patents & Technologies
Seeking patented inventions & mobile applications for remote monitoring and treatment management of in-home patients  > view
Enterprise IT Software Functionality
Seeking patents related to chatbots; performance analytics, reporting, alarms, and tailoring; time series analysis and reporting, among other areas  > view
Robotic Mapping & Navigation Technologies
Identification and avoidance of obstructions, navigation  > view
Medical Ultrasound Patents Wanted
Seeking patents in the areas of diagnostic sonography / ultrasonography  > view
Looking to Buy Business Method and Financial Patents
We are not deterred by the court invalidation of several software, business method and financial patents  > view
LTE/4G Patents Wanted
Covering Base Station and/or Handset  > view
Database Management Patents Wanted
Buying patent families related to database software.  > view
Professional Patent Licensing Team Seeking Patent-Holding Partners
Experienced patent licensing group looking for quality patents.  > view
Video & Audio Compression/Decompression Patents
H.264, MPEG-4, RTP/RTSP and HE-AAC protocols.  > view
Mothering & Childcare Health & Nutrition-Related Patents Wanted
Breast pumps, infant sleep, medical and health-related electronics and systems  > view
Wireless Communications Technologies for Automotive Applications
We are looking to acquire patents and technologies related to in-automobile communications  > view
3G & 4G Cellular Wireless Patents Wanted
We are actively acquiring US patents related to 3G and 4G cellular wireless technologies  > view
Digital TV Patents Wanted
Searching for patents related to digital TV, audio and video technologies  > view
Digital Media Patents
Cover content streaming, video, and music  > view
Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC)
Seeking Patents in the patents related to HVAC  > view
Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and LED Chip Sets
ASIC and system on a chip (SoC) related patents for wireless processors, including baseband processing and video processing, and LED chip sets  > view
Inductive/Wireless Charging
Power transfer through electromagnetic induction  > view
ERP and Financial Services and Accounting Software
ERP and financial services and accounting software (traditional and cloud-delivered)  > view
All Forms of LED & OLED Lighting Patents Wanted
Active buyers seek patents on LED technologies, packaging, applications.  > view
Electronic Components Patents
Component-related patents that cover products & services in Core CPU, MEMS Microphones, Memory, Baseband, HDD, and Balanced Armature Speakers  > view
Energy Storage Technologies and Power Management in Distributed Generation and Storage Systems
Software, architectures, and control systems for managing distributed stationary energy storage and generation. Related technologies: Grid management software, home or micro grid  > view
Service and IT Management and Automation
Software for service management, automation, performance and monitoring, lifecycle management  > view
Shaving & Grooming Patents Wanted
Buying patents related to shaving, hair removal, hair growth control & related grooming.  > view
Smart Car Patents
Patents covering inventions related to smart automobiles  > view
Software Applications
High quality infringed patents, preferably with EOU  > view
Silicon-based, Lithium-ion Battery Technology
Seeking for patents regarding Silicon-based, Lithium-ion battery technology  > view
Searching for Client/Server Software Architecture Patents
Wanted: Patents and Portfolios Related to Web-Software   > view
Wireless Technologies
Seeking patents for various wireless technologies covering WLAN, WPAN and wireless HDTV  > view
Internet of Things Patents
Searching for patented inventions connecting everyday devices to the Internet.  > view
Smart Home Patents
Looking to acquire patents covering smart home technologies  > view
Select System and Application Software
System/OS software including virtualization and security. Application software including email clients, mobile email, email synchronization, photo software, and photo tagging software.  > view
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Related Patents
Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) motor systems, drive trains, charging (both plug-in, external, internal, wireless), regenerative braking, and related electro propulsion technologies.  > view
Seeking Automotive Patents
Seeking US Patents in Automotive Technologies  > view
Seeking Patents that Analyse Customer Behaviour
Technologies that provide analysis of how customers behave determining why they buy or don't buy.  > view
Z-Wave Wireless Communications Patents
Searching for Patents Reading on the Z-Wave Standard.  > view
Non-US LTE Advanced Patents
Looking to acquire LTE advanced patents for large markets outside the US  > view
Looking for Wound Diagnostic Patents
Patents that cover technology related to chronic wound care and diagnostics  > view
Buying mobile application patents
Large manufacturer looking to acquire patents that cover mobile applications  > view
Cloud Infrastructure
Cloud technology for providing applications focused on computer, communication and storage delivery; Cloud management; Related technologies: File synchronization, file sharing, interfaces, UIs  > view
Collaboration and Presence
Collaboration software for multi-person document editing design. Includes related presence features. Exclusions: Not interested in tele-presence or video conferencing.  > view
Mobile Hardware patents wanted
Looking to acquire patents that cover mobile hardware  > view
LED, Laser & Inkjet Printing Patents
Buying patents related to the print engine, consumable supplies and all aspects of modern computer printing.  > view
Mobile Electronics Applications
Software applications optimized for iPhone, Android and smartphone platforms  > view
Financial & Banking Services Patents
Acquiring patents in fields of banking, credit card, electronic fund transfers, stock trading, insurance, and other financial services.  > view
Do You Own Patents That Are Possibly Being Infringed?
We are looking for high tech patents with identified & documented existing/current infringement or industry standards related licensing potential  > view
Novel display patents and associated technology
Looking to acquire display related patents and technologies.  > view
Looking for Chinese Patents
Telecommunications and other high-tech fields  > view
Mobile Healthcare (mHealth) Technology
Patents Connecting Patients and Professionals to Healthcare Systems via Mobile Devices  > view
Looking for Perceptual User Interface (PUI) Patents
Seeking patents covering gesture recognition.  > view
Medical Devices
High quality infringed patents, preferably with EOU  > view
Looking for Patents in the Area of Electronic Receipts
The receipt provides additional opportunities to interact with the customer and provide useful informtion.  > view
Patents Reading On ATSC Video Standards
Searching for patents including elements of the MPEG video coding, AC-3 audio coding, and the 8VSB modulation.  > view
Payments and Point of Sale Systems
Seeking for patents related to Payment and Point of Sale System Technologies  > view
Looking for Solar & Energy Storage Technologies
Actively looking for technologies that would be considered "smart energy".  > view
Consumer Goods
High quality infringed patents, preferably with EOU  > view
Buying Email & CRM Patents
We are shopping for all forms of email and CRM patents   > view
2G/3G/4G Telecommunications Patents
2G/3G/4G Data and Voice, IPTV, Broadband, DSL, and Cable   > view
Security Patents Wanted - Video Surveillance, Biometric Security, Face Recognition
We are looking for patents that can help prevent crime and aid in apprehending criminals.  > view
In Search of Smart TV and Video Patents
Looking to acquire U.S. patents for use in delivery, processing and display of digital video to Smart TV, cellphone and other devices.  > view
Looking to Acquire Medical Device Patents
Seeking patents in large medical device markets  > view
Handset/Tablet Patents
3G/4G Data, Image Processing, Display Technology & Various Technologies Deployed in Handsets  > view
Buying Patents with Ongoing License Revenue Streams
Financial buyer looking to acquire patents with contracted royalty payments.  > view
Seeking Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Patents
Looking to buy patents in the field of WLAN.  > view
Industrial and Construction
High quality infringed patents, preferably with EOU  > view
High quality infringed patents, preferably with EOU  > view
Wi-Fi, LTE and other Standards-Essential Patents
Seeking patents covering essential wireless technologies.  > view
Digital Camera Patents
Looking for patents related to digital cameras for use in smartphones, tablets, automobiles, etc.  > view
Seeking Mobile Healthcare Technology
We are looking for technology that uses a smart phone to monitor a patient  > view
Content Delivery
Production, distribution, storage and management systems, personalization/ad systems, end point distribution, consumption and security for internet delivered content   > view
Smartphone & Tablet User Interface Patents Wanted
Large manufacturer looking to acquire patents that cover mobile handset user interface  > view
Digital TV Patents
Patents covering various digital TV technologies.  > view
Actively Buying High-Technology Patents and Portfolios
Licensing Company Seeks Semiconductor, Wireless Networking, Electronics & Software Patents.  > view
In Search of Network Security Patents
Operating company looking to buy patents & portfolios.  > view
Patents Wanted -- Database Applications
Buying US patents related to CRM, ERP and various database applications.  > view
Seeking Technologies for Television, Display and Set-Top-Box
Technologies that relate to the field of display for TV and other consumer electronics.  > view
Biotech and Pharma
High quality infringed patents, preferably with EOU  > view
e-Cigarette and Vaping related Patents
All components of e-cigarettes, cartridges, and nicotine salts/liquids; Related technologies: Vaporizer systems, dose control, mouthpieces, tanks, temperature control, heating elements  > view
Video Interface Cable Patents Wanted
Vdeo interface cable patents relevant to industry standards such as DisplayPort  > view
High quality infringed patents, preferably with EOU  > view
Infringed Patent Portfolios
Licensing company looking for infringed portfolios  > view
Automotive-related technologies including entertainment systems, electronics, safety systems and other standard vehicle components  > view
Mainstream Software Patents Wanted
Looking to buy patents covering inventions practiced in mainstream software applications.   > view
Seeking Point of Sale Patent Technologies
POS terminals and systems including sales transaction and electronic receipts   > view
Payroll software, including operating/running payroll and end-user delivery and including payroll components of ERP software. Related technologies: Bank wire and ACH transfer ...  > view
Self-Driving Car Patents
Searching for patents related to autopilot in vehicles  > view
Storage Systems
Storage as a Service, Storage area networks (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS), both hardware and software; Related technologies: Special focus on flash ...  > view
Mobile Backhaul Network Patents Wanted
LTE network and other backhaul technologies  > view
Security and Surveillance Systems
Home and office security and surveillance systems including video surveillance, video camera systems, video doorbells, intercoms, monitoring systems, event broadcasting, and face recognition.  > view
Mobile Handsets and related Wireless Technologies
Primarily looking for patents with mobile handset reads and generally looking for claims to device as a whole; however, wireless alone is interesting ...  > view
Looking for LED patents
We are looking for patents in the field of LED any type of LED technology will be considered.  > view
High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) Patents
H.265 and MPEG-H Part 2 video compression standards  > view
Point of Sale Printer Patents
Looking for patent reading on POS printers, label printers, mobile printers  > view
Computer Hardware and Electronics
High quality infringed patents, preferably with EOU  > view
Skincare Patents Wanted
Patented inventions for skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, skin whitening, etc.  > view
Digital Memory Patents Wanted
Seeking Patents Deployed in Electronic Products  > view
Household Robotics
Seeking for patents related to Household Robotics  > view
ZigBee Wireless Mesh Network Standard Patents
RF4CE IEEE 802.15.4 Standard Communication Protocols Used To Create Personal Area Networks Built From Small, Low-Power Digital Radios.  > view
Consumer Electronics Patents Wanted
Searching for U.S. patents that read on TV's, computers and mobile handsets  > view
Wireless Communications Patents Wanted
Actively acquiring GSM, EDGE, IDEN, CDMA, IDEN, EV-DO, UMTS, LTE, WiFi, Wimax, SMS, MMS, bluetooth patents.  > view
Networking and LTE Infrastructure Equipment
Networking technology primarily relating to routing or switching for enterprise or service provider networks.  > view
Video Streaming Patents Wanted
Patents reading on compression standards such as H.264, H.265, HEVC.  > view
Searching for Cellphone Patents
Patents Related to Wireless Handsets, PDA's & Other Mobile Devices  > view
Healthcare Devices and Solutions
We are actively looking for devices, systems and methods directly related with healthcare  > view
Seeking Patents in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Both hardware and software solutions will be considered  > view
Middleware and Databases
Middleware software, with a focus on enterprise-focused solutions, and database technologies. Related technologies: CRM, ERP  > view
Seeking Camera Lens Technology
Patents covering camera or a cell phone lens are of interest.  > view