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Distributing Live Performances    

Electronic on-site media distribution of a live performance to a mobile device via Wifi and RFID


Electronic sale and distribution of a live concert performance at the venue in real time via Wifi and RFID technology and a mobile device such as a smart phone. Simple technology model where the user is queried at time of entry to the venue with regards to the purchase of the performance they are attending. On-site experience and immediate fulfillment will drive end user excitement and sales.

Primary Application of the Technology

Live concert goers, Live performance attendees, Live Sports attendees

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Fast and secure on-site data transfer tapping in to the excitement and immediate gratification of fulfillment while attendees are still immersed in the experience.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Immediate sale and fulfillment tapping in to the excitement of the ongoing experience.

Competitive Advantage

Nothing else like this exists. There is a sales model in current effect though it is fulfilled at a later date and not on-site, therefore losing some of the initial excitement.

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