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Dynamic Traffic Light System    

Cost-effective traffic light for colorblind drivers and system for resolving the dilemma zone


-- Uses symbols and numbers to relieve the pressure of the dilemma zone by clearly relaying to drivers the remaining time before the light completely changes from Green to Yellow to Red.
-- Uses symbols and numbers to clearly communicate to drivers with vision problems, particularly those who are color blind.
-- Rather than adding on parts and components like other traffic light variations, this traffic light system has a consolidated construction that saves on material cost while still providing a safer experience for drivers.
-- The light sequence is optimized to towards efficient use of electricity for the traffic light and efficient use of fuel for cars.

Primary Application of the Technology

This technology's primary application is to be used to improve safety for automobile drivers. It can be used to replace or supplement currently existing traffic safety tools to help direct the flow of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The target market would be companies that make and sell traffic safety tools and the government bodies that utilize them. The end-user who would ultimately benefit would be drivers on the road.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

1) My technology is primarily designed to solve 2 problems.
2) The first problem is the "Indecision Zone" faced by drivers after a light changes from green to yellow,
3) This "Indecision Zone" highlights the dilemma that a driver faces when deciding on whether to speed up to cross the intersection, or to stop their vehicle before the light changes from yellow to red.
4) This dilemma leaves them dangerously vulnerable to both rear-end collisions from sudden stops and side-impact collisions from other vehicles if they speed up to cross the intersection after the light changes from yellow to red.

5) The second problem involves the difficulties that people with color-deficient vision face when trying to use traffic lights.
6) Traffic lights work using color contrast between the multiple light units, with different information being relayed depending on which colored lights are lit and which ones are unlit.
7) A person with color-deficient vision, such as red-green color blindness, finds it incredibly difficult to read a traffic light with just the contrasting colors.
8) In the best of circumstances, they would use a different technique, such as the position of the lights in order to determine the message being relayed to them. However, this would be ineffective in other circumstances, such as the driver in question encountering poor weather or unorthodox configurations of the lights.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

1) My technology solves the problem of the "Indecision Zone" by displaying a numerical countdown timer alongside the yellow light when the light is set to turn from yellow to red.
2) The presence of the uniquely shaped yellow light alongside the numerical countdown timer clearly indicates to drivers what stage the traffic light is in, and how much time is left before the light transitions from yellow to red.

3) My technology solves the problems that drivers with color-deficient vision face by consolidating the construction of the traffic light device, displaying each colored light with a different shape, and making sure that each stage of the traffic light looks visually different.
4) The consolidated construction reduces the number of lights from 3+ to 2, allowing a driver to ignore the orientation of the lights and more quickly receive information from the traffic light.
5) The usage of a unique shape being used alongside each light color means that a person does not need to rely on the color of the lights to determine the stage of the traffic light.
6) Making each traffic light stage visually different ensures that a driver can look at the whole traffic light at a glance and doesn't need to worry as much about the individual components.

Competitive Advantage

1) My invention is a modernized traffic light, used to direct the flow of traffic for automobiles.
2) It has a more cost-effective design than contemporary traffic lights, making it cheaper for manufacturers to build and for those that utilize them to maintain.
3) It provides a safer experience than contemporary traffic lights, providing more feedback to drivers during dangerous situations.
4) It is optimized for use by those who are color blind or have other vision problems, allowing them to use traffic lights with the same confidence as other drivers that are not visually impaired.
5) It can be used with both timer based traffic light systems and real-time "smart" traffic light systems.
6) The consolidated construction of the device reduces the weight, maintenance cost, and overall material cost of my invention when compared to its contemporaries.
7) The strategic use of transition between the different color phases and utilization of less activated LED bulbs at a time reduce the overall electricity consumption of my invention when compared to other alternatives.

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