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Pneumatically-Controlled Alarm Activation System for Home Oxygen / Hospital Oxygen Supply    

A Pneumatically controlled Alarm activation system to alert patients and caregivers when oxygen has been disrupted coming from a Home / Hospital Oxygen Supply to a patient


Alarm Notification Features: Proprietary Alert System Management Panel
-- Audible Variable Volume Alert
-- Bluetooth / App Monitoring Alert
-- Internet / Web page Monitoring Alert
-- Cellular / for Auto Dialer Alert
-- Land Line / for Auto Dialer Alert
-- Manual Panic Button / Triggers All Alert Modes
-- Text Message Alert
-- Auto Speech Dialer / Prerecorded Message Alert
-- Power Outage / Battery Back-up Alert

Fulfilling Customer Needs: This retrofit device alerts patients and caregivers and in Hospitals in case of oxygen disruption. To prevent distress, brain damage and possible death, the patient and caregivers are alerted.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

All Home Oxygen Concentrators have an alarm to let you know that the unit has stopped producing oxygen but they do not have any Alarms to let you know that the Oxygen flow coming out to the patient has been disrupted. This device alerts patients and caregivers to let them know the patient is in Life-threatening danger due to their oxygen being disrupted coming from their Home Oxygen Concentrator. Hospital ER Surgeons will have a quicker response time on the loss of oxygen. The lack of Oxygen can cause irreparable brain damage and even death. This is an ongoing problem due to the fact that the patient's oxygen line/tubes are very often kinked in doorways , under medical carts and other obstacles in the residence , Hospital Emergency rooms and the patient / medical staff is unaware of the problem until it is too late.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

This retrofit device has the capabilities of 10 different methods to alert the caregiver and the patient that their oxygen has been disrupted coming from their Home Oxygen Concentrator / Oxygen Supply All of which can be activated at once or just certain methods, whichever ones the caregiver / medical staff or the patient chooses

Primary Application of the Technology

-- Portable / Home Oxygen Concentrators
-- Hospitals / Emergency Rooms / Patient Rooms / Surgery Rooms
-- Nursing Homes
-- Housing for the Elderly Residences

Competitive Advantage

This device/retrofit is superior because there is No competition and no device like it anywhere and yet it is valuable as a "Lifesaving" device to be added onto a Home Oxygen Concentrator and in Hospital emergency rooms, Hospital patient rooms, housing for the elderly residences which have the potential to save millions of patients around the world.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

Completely negotiable

Frequently Asked Questions

This device does not need to be FDA approved because it uses a Pneumatic trigger to activate the various alarm modes.