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Payment Information Technologies - Fintech - Financial Data Aggregation    

A user can visit a website and purchase a product/service, or pay a recurring bill, without having to input payment information


This patent can be used by a financial institution or a financial data aggregation company, among others. The patent is post-Alice and survived a 101 rejection that was reviewed by several Examiners (including a supervisor). It pertains to the following: if a person's payment card information is stolen, misused, lost, expired, and/or updated, a person has to manually input the new payment information at each merchants online payment checkout in order to make another purchase through that merchant. Although such steps are relatively minimal for a single merchant, cumulatively, this process becomes tedious, time consuming, emotionally draining, and/or inconvenient if the person must repeat this process for many merchants. Moreover, the person may not remember every website and/or app that needs to be updated and at least with paying bills online, such as utility bills, entertainment bills, and/or others, the person may only find out about providing new payment card information when the merchant contacts the person for lack of payment. Such state of hardship is not only for the person, but also for the merchant who has to dedicate resources for tracking down the customer for the lack of payment and/or ensuring that the customer actually pays. The invention, as claimed, solves these issues by allowing a user to sign in to a banks website, and view recent transactions with all online merchants, and the user can then select which merchants the bank should send the new payment information to. The bank sends the information to the selected merchants. The user can then visit the merchants website and purchase a product/service without having to input the new payment information.

Primary Application of the Technology

Financial institution or a financial data aggregator

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