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Wide Power Range Bicycle with Positive Intuitive Gear Shifting System    


A better way to pedal—it is a major historical breakthrough, not just an improvement over the conventional bicycle. The bicycle is a virtually two times faster, maintenance-reduced bicycle; you can ride with ONE LEG OR TWO LEGS SIMULTANEOUSLY and uphill is three times faster than the conventional bicycle. Its simple, unique design is suitable for racing, commuter, rehabilitation, and so much more; . Unlike the conventional bicycles, the bicycle does not harm the knee, can be used by people with one leg and does not cause “Rubber Legs,” Shermer’s Neck, impotence, or numbness.

Primary Application of the Technology

Bicycle Tech Industry

Competitive Advantage

Even with all these superior advancements, the bicycle has fewer parts and is less expensive to produce than the conventional bicycle of the same caliber. Although the frame and pedal of the bicycle is made of steel, the overall weight is comparable to all-carbon conventional bicycles.

Additional Information

I have prototype available.