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Tri-Wing System for Reduction of Aerodynamic Drag-Ground Vehicles    

A tri-wing system comprises one or more wings designed to redirect airflow toward low pressure areas behind the ground vehicle to reduce fuel consumption.


-- Reduces fuel consumption of automotive vehicles by reducing drag.
-- One, two and /or three wings are attached at different parts of the vehicle to reduce fuel consumption.
-- Wind tunnel tested at ARC, Indiana.
-- At 65 Mph, estimated fuel consumption is 1.9%.
-- Potential annual savings of 2000 USD per tractor trailer system.
-- Simple design with no/minimal maintenance.

Primary Application of the Technology

The primary application of this device is in the automotive and road transportation industry. It reduces the overall drag acting on a vehicle and reduces its fuel consumption.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

This technology is very helpful in reducing the fuel consumption for long distance range vehicles. As the fuel prices increase, this device can save transportation companies up to 2000 USD a year per truck.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The technology redirects the airflow around the object to reduce the low pressure areas around the vehicle. Thus, a reduction in fuel consumption would be reached.

Competitive Advantage

The device has a very simple design which means it has a much lower manufacturing cost compared to its competitors. It also has the flexibility to be used on tractors, trailers as well as SUVs. The dimensions of the wing is shorter in length as compared to competition which makes it feasible to be used under road laws in Europe and North America.

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