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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 318: Electricity: Motive Power Systems

This is the generic class for system of electrical supply and/or of control for one or more electric motors where the electric motor is claimed in combination with such systems of supply and/or control and the electric motor as claimed constitutes the ultimate and sole electrical load device supplied by the system or constitutes the ultimate and sole electrical device being controlled.

Subclass 292: By shifting motor brushes or selecting appropriate set of brushes
Subclass 541: Brush or other current-collector control

Class 388: Electricity: Motor Control Systems

This class and Class 318, Electricity: Motive Power Systems are the generic loci for systems of electrical control of electric motors. Currently types of motor covered are direct current (DC) commutating motor: An electric motor designed to operate on direct current and having a commutator electrically connected to a winding of the motor. Modes of motor control covered are: acceleration control, deceleration control and running speed control.

Subclass 809: Armature control by digital or combined analog and digital circuitry
Subclass 811: By pulse width or duty cycle modification

Class 323: Electricity: Power Supply Or Regulation Systems

This is the generic class for electrical systems wherein a single electrical source is coupled to a single electrical load circuit and means are provided which control the magnitude or level of the current or voltage of either or both of said circuits and/or the phase angle between the current or voltage of either or both of said circuits. This is also the generic class for transformer systems and impedance systems.

Subclass 224: With additional series regulator
Subclass 259: Having a winding in series with the source and load (e.g., buck-boost)

Class 104: Railways

Railway rolling stock and track, each of which is modified for interrelation and cooperation with each other, as in the case of traction and propulsion systems not otherwise classified; railway track other than normal surface track; car-stopping devices of abutting type associated with the track; amusement railway apparatus, such as used in recreation parks; track layers, shifters, and repairers; railway fixtures, such as turntables, transfer tables, and terminal features; appliances for use with railway track, such as hose bridges, car replacers, and car derailers, and miscellaneous features relating to railway track not elsewhere classified.

Subclass 98: Overhead crane

Class 396: Photography

Photographic apparatus, generally for recording a picture made by a source of light on a photographic medium. It includes fluid-treating apparatus for development of film, a removable film-holder unit, hood, camera housing, camera setting indicator and certain accessories related to photography not otherwise provided for such as studio structure, camera mounting or rest, camera attachment, retouching, or burnishing device. Non-chemical processes involving photographic apparatus are included in this class.

Subclass 448: Lens cover

Class 348: Television

Generating, processing, transmitting or transiently displaying a sequence of images, either locally or remotely, in which the local light variations composing the images may change with time.

Subclass 135: Object or scene measurement
Subclass E7.085: Closed circuit television systems, i.e., systems in which the signal is not broadcast (EPO)