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Disruptive IoT/IoE/M2M Patents and Fully-Developed, Post-Pilot, Related Technology Transfer based upon the Patents    

Patents in the wireless sensor Internet of Things (IoT)/Machine to Machine (M2M) and fully-developed Enterprise SaaS-PaaS IoT Technology Transfer Solution


Cloud-hosted, managed, Internet of Things/Machine to Machine, smart, active, multi-client, monitoring solution, utilizing wireless gateways, wireless condition and threshold value sensors/sub-sensors (utilizing broadband, WiFi, Cellular, Multi-hop and Bluetooth networks) and with real-time responder alert notifications, to people and machines, including confirmation, and with cloud data archiving and responder review of wireless gateway and/or wireless sensor device non-compliance with responder supplied thresholds/conditions (and including optional Running Average Baseline processing that dynamically modifies sensor thresholds based upon received data), rate of change differentials and location coordinate differentials, and including the dynamic enabling of relational devices associated with wireless sensors and sub-sensors, and continuing to deliver such solutions during power failures or disruptions.

Primary Application of the Technology

-- Home/Business Security Systems --- with secure cloud-hosting that prevents "unknown" failure
-- HVAC Solution Providers
-- School Districts, Colleges, Universities
-- Museums, Art Galleries, Classics, Heirlooms
-- Vacant Properties, Vacation Properties, Remote Properties, Private Areas
-- Freezers, Coolers, Ovens, Boilers
-- Hospitals, Retirement and Nursing Homes

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Broad based solutions that ensure that wireless gateways and sensor devices do not fail or are not moved, unless pre-authorized in advance, without alerts being issued to responders and/or client computer systems and that related devices are enabled when non-compliant device conditions are detected

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Managed solution, detects sensor failures and location movement immediately, notifies responders immediately and tracks the resolution of the failure and unapproved movement and/or resolution of the issue, including confirmation of resolution of the issue(s).

Competitive Advantage

Cloud-hosted monitoring and control unit (or private locally hosted monitoring and control unit), smart, active, monitoring of wireless gateways and sensing devices using predetermined timing and thresholds and/or dynamically adjusted thresholds (based upon received data), with immediate alert notifications to human responders, machines and computers while dynamically enabling wireless sensor related devices (with confirmation feedback) when non-compliance is detected, and fault-tolerant operation to deal with unexpected events, when they occur

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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 340: Communications: Electrical

Communications - the handling of information or intelligence, restricted to the conveying of said information or intelligence between geographically spaced points. Information or intelligence is defined as being, matter which is handled by signaling systems or signaling devices (such as telegraph systems) or by that portion of nonsignaling systems or nonsignaling devices (such as power supply systems) which is designated in the arts as having a control function (such as the supervisory circuits which control the circuit breakers of an electric power network). Handling, as used above, is defined as being the active coaction between the tangible communication system or device and the intangible information or intelligence, and such coaction may assume various forms, such as transmission, storage, exhibiting, etc.

Subclass 539.11: Including personal portable device
Subclass 870.16: Condition responsive