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Stent Delivery and Deployment System for Placement of Vascular Stents    


The technology relates to a stent delivery and deployment system for placement of vascular stents. This IP is directed to the rapid exchange catheter market, which is heavily protected in the US. The IP could be of interest to companies wishing to enter the US market in this area.

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Class 623: Prosthesis (I.E., Artificial Body Members), Parts Thereof, Or Aids And Accessories Therefor

This class provides for artificial substitutes or parts for a human body particularly manufactured or adapted to replace or assist a missing or defective natural body member or part thereof for functional or cosmetic reasons. It also provides for elements or accessories for substitutes or parts of this class unless such elements or accessories are of such general utility as to be provided for in some other class. This class also provides for devices and mechanisms designed to operate or control artificial substitutes or parts for a human body, including methods of operating an artificial heart.

Class 606: Surgery