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The Active Chair is a wheelchair-rollator hybrid featuring a robotic lift.    


This patent covers a new class of wheelchairs we call an Active Chair that encourages standing and walking for those who can still do so with some assistance. Health benefits from continued ambulation are significant and well documented. With the dramatic increase in the elderly population and the continued decline in the cost of robotic lift mechanisms, we believe that this concept will represent a significant market niche.

Primary Application of the Technology

Wheelchairs represent a million units per year industry. The Active Chair targets a segment in each of these areas: Residential Care, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, Home Health Agencies, Hospices, Adult Day Services Center, Rehabilitation Care and Clinics, and Bariatric Care and Treatment.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

- Better overall health through continued exercise of lower body muscles
- Greater sense of independence and self determination
- Continue to walk in a safe manner
- Stand to reach objects at high heights
- Converse with people face-to-face
- Lower healthcare costs and potentially lower monthly fees from their assisted living facility due to: the purchase of fewer care giving services, and the delay in being transferred to a more service-intensive skilled nursing unit.
- A reduction in back strain and other injuries from assisting/lifting residents out of wheelchairs for required transitions
- The reduction of non-scheduled care giver calls for assisting residents in transitioning (from sitting to standing) for daily activities
- The overall business benefit from promoting an environment which supports the health and well-being of residents
- The convenience and safety of having a single device for both transporting and walking therapy.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

People want to stay active. Many problems from a back sprain or sciatica to degenerative neurological conditions can limit what a person can do to help themselves. The Active Chair helps a person maintain some control and self determination. Where caregiver is needed, that person benefits from having the Active Chair lift the person needing the assistance and saves wear fatigue on the caregiver.

Competitive Advantage

Surprisingly, no product combines the full features of a comfortable chair, a transport chair a rise assist and a walker into a single product. The clever means takes advantage of readily available controls and creates a seamless utility that mimics human motion much like a very expensive exoskeleton concept would do but in an affordable and nonintrusive structure.

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