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A new structure of vertical takeoff and landing aircraft    

This patent reveals a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft that have never been seen in history.


This patent reveals a new type of vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. This aircraft has the following major technical advantages:
1. In hover mode, its efficiency is equivalent to even more than the current helicopter.
2. In flight mode, its efficiency is close to ordinary propeller fixed-wing aircraft.
3. Compared to the US V-22 Eagle Eagle aircraft, the aircraft has a more solid body structure, more simple pneumatic problems and higher controllability, which makes the aircraft have higher security and lower R & D costs.
4. This type of aircraft is more suitable for the development of heavy or even heavy-duty models.

Primary Application of the Technology

The technology is mainly used in the following areas: military or civilian manned aircraft field, military or civilian unmanned aerial vehicle field, express unmanned aerial vehicle field, aerial photography unmanned aerial vehicle field, inspection unmanned aerial vehicle field

The Problem Solved by the Technology

This technology has solved the problem that the aviation industry has been unable to solve for more than 50 years, that is, how to combine the vertical takeoff and landing capability of helicopters with the high speed and efficient flight capability of fixed-wing aircraft.But also the structure is more simple and reliable, more controllable and safe.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The technology uses a clever layout of the aircraft's propulsion system for 90-degree conversion, to achieve both vertical take-off and high-speed flight capabilities. However, unlike the V-22, the technology uses a flying wing-type fuselage structure combined with a four-rotor. On the one hand, the four rotors are arranged in the corners of the wing-type fuselage, which makes the airflow of the rotor unobstructed and achieves the highest hover efficiency.On the other hand, the mode of tilting power is different from that of V-22.By tilting the plate, to achieve the purpose of tilting power.Since the rotor tension on both sides is almost identical, the rotational force required by the tilting mechanism is small, which makes the structure simpler. Whether in hover or flight mode, the attitude of the aircraft can be controled through the rotor of the tension and the rudder on the sheet together to achieve high controllability.

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