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Camera that installs INSIDE handgun    

Handgun video transmits live from INSIDE the gun to cell tower automatically


Provide video evidence directly from police shootings. Camera installs INSIDE the handgun by replacing recoil guide rod with the invention. Nothing attaches to outside of gun. Every time trigger is pulled audio and video of the bullet hitting its target combined with recorded video starting 60 seconds before trigger is pulled transmits to nearest cell tower. There is no "OFF" switch, functions are fully automatic and video cannot be deleted or recalled without master password.

Lawyers, Judges, Insurance companies, Plantiffs etc now will have actual video of every police shooting to prove their case. $millions will be awarded based on the video evidence produced by the invention

Primary Application of the Technology

Primary markets include: Lawyers, Judges, Police, Military, "gun manufacturers", television, movies, governments, security, "police departments", "federal government", "state government", "municipal government".

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 42: Firearms

Includes all the portable firearms, i.e., those which are supported by hand when operated, such as shoulder guns, pistols, toy firearms and cane guns, except the automatic or explosion-operated firearms. This class also has such firearms combined with cleaners, intrenching devices, bayonets, and other cutters (including specifically pistol-swords). The following devices are likewise found here either, per se, or in combination with the firearm; ram rods, gun-rests and some body supported arm rests.

Subclass 146: Target illuminated (e.g., via flashlight, etc.)
Subclass 90: IMPLEMENTS

Class 396: Photography

Photographic apparatus, generally for recording a picture made by a source of light on a photographic medium. It includes fluid-treating apparatus for development of film, a removable film-holder unit, hood, camera housing, camera setting indicator and certain accessories related to photography not otherwise provided for such as studio structure, camera mounting or rest, camera attachment, retouching, or burnishing device. Non-chemical processes involving photographic apparatus are included in this class.

Subclass 426: Having actual or simulated handheld weapon structure