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This portfolio comprises families of technologies parent patent applications remaining open and pending from the original filing dates. This allows for filing CIP's, divisional, independent claims, modification of claims which most new applications could become enforceable worldwide with the filing of the PCT. The communication cover application is ready to grant with 24 claims. This technology was the beginning of the IoT. All three of these families can be combined into a large family of well protected technologies with future values extended into the 2030's. The Alive Iris/Pupil Biometric is the end all solution eliminating the hacking of machines and devices.

Primary Application of the Technology

Banking, vetting, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, Federal Government, Smart Phone APP, Health care, personal healthcare, Lie detection, private and commercial aircraft safety, Infrastructure security, IoT, Transportation, Automobiles, Buses, Trains, recreation vehicles, Etc.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Cyber and Technology
Weapons of Mass Destruction and Proliferation
Economics and Natural Resources
Transnational Organized Crime
Space and Counter Space
Counter Intelligence
Human Security
Banking fraud
Transportation security
Personal information stolen
Government asset protection
Medical record storage facilities
Hacking Government personnel data
Vetting immigrants correctly & accurately
Medical records misused, stolen, lost & hacked
Home security
Building security
Internet fraud and abuse
Hacking of Internet of things
Communication device security
Transportation operations safety
Corporate and Industrial espionage

How the Technology Solves the Problem

One Score fusion=100% Identified+99% Lie Detection by using multiple Alive biometric and physiological sensing devices
*Face recognition
*Thermal recognition
*Fingerprint recognition
*Iris recognition
*Palm print recognition
*Voice recognition
*Alive Pupil

Competitive Advantage

The inventions provide user identification solutions that include measurements unique to the individual combined with physiological measurements. This new system uses the pupil and a random light sequence tracking the pupil's opening and closing. It has been determined to be un-hackable with no way to falsify.
The company’s services include the measurement of passive, active, and alive biometric data to a controlled distribution of identifying credentials
The company emphasizes the decentralization and fragmentation of a person’s biometric data, preventing compromising a user’s credentials in a single data repository

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

All licensee's will have a set of guidelines to follow regarding the fragmentation and storage of every individual's biometric signatures. Every licensee will create their own custom code and licensee will be responsible for all liabilities related to the bylaws in the contract. The patent holders have several systems and methods for storing fragmented biometric signatures.

The seller may consider selling these patents individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Alive Iris/Pupil tracker work? We use a random strobe light with alternating lengths of time and various levels of brightness of ambient light. It then is tracked. If light sequence and pupil dilation are synchronized, then the person is alive and present. What is the accuracy of Iris scan with one or more biometric signatures in use =100% correct individual

Additional Information

The mission is to license exclusive patent-protected technology. This technology will provide the highest degree of security for all forms of, communication, transportation, medical devices, as well as create a true key-less, card-less, code-less society. The state-of-the-art technology offers an array of biometric based identification authentication solutions. The solutions prevent the loss of personal information, sensitive company data, government assets and many more security based platforms. These fragmentation systems are the future for privacy systems and Platforms protecting individual’s personal biometric signatures.

PROBLEM Existing problems with healthcare
Authentic Patient identification (inpatient/outpatient)
Patient tracking (inpatient/outpatient)
Incorrect medication(inpatient/outpatient)
Surgical errors
Continuous physiologic monitoring (inpatient/outpatient)
Patient travel/mobility difficulty
Healthcare costs
Not enough doctors
Overcrowding in Emergency rooms and Urgent Care facilities and situations
Infant mortality
Maternal mortality
Patient medical record privacy and security
Medication confusion
Accurate timing for patient medication delivery ability
Long wait times for doctor visits
Medical malpractice
Patient identification fraud
Proper patient identification
Correct patient medical records
Correct patient medication
Inability to deliver proper medication amounts
High cost of medical record tracking and storage
High cost of medical administration
Inefficient patient diagnoses systems and devices
Continuous outpatient monitoring ability
Personal Security
Lack of personal security options Identity and property theft
Internet security breaches
Easy access to data on lost or stolen communication devices
Theft of unsecured sensitive information
Internet viruses and worms
Inability for true internet user identification

The accessibility of privileged information is becoming easier to obtain due to the failure of existing security systems. Millions of desktop computers, laptops, tablets, cellular phones and personal digital assistant devices are stolen annually in the United States alone, giving the thief an opportunity to steal any or all sensitive material within the device. The fact is, only a few key pieces of information are needed to steal personal identification information, which is a growing problem throughout the world. The expectation exists that we are properly identified before being allowed access to everything from our cellular phones to our financial accounts. There is no current foolproof solution to authenticate one’s identity. In addition, the ability of an individual to keep track of the numerous passwords, access codes and magnetic strip cards has already exceeded most people’s capacity to manage.

Utilization of alive biometric signatures for granting access to communication platforms
Select alive biometric access for communication devices
Alive biometric signature registration portals
Complete biometric and physiological data storage banks
Continuous identification of authorized operators
Continuous health condition monitoring
Location and health condition of communication device and operator

The solutions utilize a fusion of biometric and physiological sensors that coalesce into a true identification signature of an individual. Each individual has their own unique alive biometric signature. This signature serves as a method of continuous identification authentication.

In today’s world there exists a great need for a fast, unobtrusive and extremely accurate identification system for all personal, commercial and government communication appliances and platforms. The patent holder recognizes the need to form alliances with worthy companies in the technological fields associated with our company’s mission. Working together with our patent-protected products, we can revolutionize the security systems for all forms of communication, computer services and devices. These security solutions will evolve into billions of new platforms and devices around the world. We believe our products will enhance your company’s ability to offer the greatest level of security in the global marketplace.

The applications for these biometric based security systems are limitless. The patent holder is pursuing the markets in the following industries: communications, transportation, healthcare, banking, data storage devices and government assets. For example, in the communications market, a cell phone, PDA, computer or laptop could be equipped with one or all of the following biometrics: Alive Iris/Pupil, fingerprint and/or voice recognition for initial access, and facial and/or thermal imaging for continuous recognition while in use.

Current uses for the inventions are for the following forms of communication devices:
Cellular phones
All devices using a CPU requiring identification for operation
Personal computers
Personal data devices
Global positioning devices
Voting venues
Voting platforms
Voting devices

The technology continuously verifies the owner/operator using the preprogrammed biometrics of the first original owner/operator stored within a communication device’s secure data bank. The biometric and physiological systems continuously authenticate and identify the operator of a communication device. Input components are coupled to the operator sensors. A communication device is coupled to the operator sensors. The communication device central processing unit is coupled to the operator sensors. The communication device’s central processing unit is coupled to a transceiver. The transceiver is coupled to a communication provider. The communication device and communication device provider continuously authenticates the operator of the communication device.
This disclosed method is directed toward a method of operating a communication device. The authorized operator of a communication device’s biometric and physiological parameters is recognized by the communication device’s central processing unit coupled to stored authorized operator data. The method includes sensing biometric and physiological parameters of the operator of the communication device. The method includes comparing the sensed biometric and physiological parameters of the operator of the communication device with stored data and detecting discontinuity between the biometric and physiological parameters and stored data. The method includes transmitting a signal to a central processing unit of a communication device notifying it that discontinuity exists and processing a signal in the central processing unit. The method includes activating a device’s “Lock out System” allowing only an emergency signal to be sent from the communication device. The signal sent from the communication device reveals the location, condition and identification of an unauthorized operator. A signal may be sent from the service provider for the communication device to self-destruct all stored data on its central processing unit.
The patent holder as explained above, will work similarly in the following industries:
Physiological Sensor infused Biometric Signature Accessibility Data Servers
Physiological Sensor infused Biometric Signature accessibility routers
Physiological Sensor infused Biometric Signature accessibility communication Devices

ATM transactions
Wireless transfers via communication devices
Point of sale transactions via communication devices
Account verification identification of authorized users

Health Care Monitoring:
Onsite patient
Operators of all forms of communication, transportation, banking, and security devices

Sea Vessels
Personal watercraft/motorcycles

Infrastructure Security:
Government buildings worldwide (U.S. occupies 224,000 buildings globally)
Private sector professional/retail buildings
Voting machines and polling locations
Train stations
International ports
Oil rigs
Private homes
Governmental housing
Sport arena’s
All public & private events
All structure access points
Throughout entire buildings and surrounding facilities
Industrial mining operations
Factories & refineries
Nuclear power plants
Hazardous material storage facilities

Working together with companies already established in their industry, technology could revolutionize identification systems and platforms worldwide. The owner will be partnering with a variety of companies and governments to complete this mission and, in the process, create a much safer world.

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