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Pain Relieving Vests Specifically Designed For The Workforce    

Designed for any workstation! Individuals can work comfortably without back and shoulder pain at a desk, driving a vehicle, lifting, construction, in a factory, etc.


Specifically designed for any work station and the way the upper body moves everyday at work. Whether sitting, standing, bending, twisting and turning, repetitive movement. The technology will help in solving the problem with upper body pain relief while working in particular, but can be used at home, and for sports.

Compression garments are becoming more popular in the medical sector as shown in the link below:

I came up with this idea for the Pain Relieving Vest from working everyday and suffered from pain for sometime. I wore different devices from a back brace, shoulder support, upper body wraps, and arm support devices to provide pain relief. So I thought why not create something in one piece instead of wearing all those different devices and created the Pain Relieving Vests.

The invention can consist of a vest design and vest with short sleeve design!

The vest can be used to prevent injuries, people will be able to work more comfortably without pain in the upper body section and be more productive, living healthier lives. IT CAN BE USED WORLDWIDE WITH THE RIGHT MARKETING!!!

Ergonomically designed for people working at a desk, truck drivers, factory workers, outdoor workers, etc. They work much better than adjustable desk for sitting and standing as well as ergonomic chairs, etc.

"According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), repetitive strain injuries are the nation's most common and costly occupational health problem, affecting hundreds of thousands of American workers, and costing more than $20 billion a year in workers compensation."

Keeping employees out of pain while working without pain allows employers to retain their employee expertise while cutting down on medical costs dramatically. Working without pain is an impactful, because it targets and resolves the underlying musculoskeletal imbalances that cause pain, treating instead of ineffectively masking pain. This means companies can avoid losing valuable employees to repetitive strain injury.

Please see photos of vest and vest with sleeves, lumbar support padding at:

Features: Pain Relieving vests are one piece vests with hook and eye loop attachments in the chest area and velcro attachment around the waist which are adjustable, lower lumbar support padding for back. The short sleeves of course for upper arm/shoulder support. The vest does not have to be too tight to work, are very comfortable to wear and to be worn underneath clothing.

If individual choose to detach the chest attachments or waist attachment for comfort and compression in the area they choose they can do so!

Benefits: Pain Relieving Vests are compression garments which prevent or alleviate pain in the upper body. They provide support to the lower back (with lower lumbar support padding), back midsection, to the upper back, shoulders, chest area, and sides of the body. The short sleeves provide support to upper arms and around shoulder blade area. Provides posture support, helps to improve blood circulation and relax muscles. The abdominal area is not covered so there is no discomfort to the abdomen especially while sitting or bending over like most people do. The vests work great!

The strength of the compression comes from the hook and eye loop adjustable attachment strips in the chest area and the waist adjustable velcro attachment working together to provide compression to supported areas the vests covers.

The vests are designed differently from most products comparable and the areas the vest covers provides more support than most back braces or devices on the market.

After developing and testing different prototypes it was also discovered that the vest not only relieve pain in the areas the vests covers, but they helped to improve blood circulation in the chest area, specifically to the heart (alleviating heart pains) from chest attachment compression, it wasn't expected but I think its an important benefit.

Studies have shown that working while sitting and standing can cause heart damage.

The abdominal area is not covered because I used to feel so uncomfortable especially while sitting or bending over wearing a back brace. Leaving the abdominal area uncovered was my solution for more comfort, especially while sitting or bending over like most people do.

Primary Application of the Technology

Demographics of the target audience: Officer workers, truck drivers, outdoor workers, factory workers, hospitals/doctor offices, military/goverment (administrative personnel), veterans, athletes, anyone who suffers from pain the vests covers! THE INVENTION CAN INCLUDE KID SIZES AS WELL! IT CAN BE USED WORLDWIDE WITH THE RIGHT MARKETING!!!

This is the potential market for my invention. Just type in the URL below?


The Problem Solved by the Technology

The technology will help in solving the problem with ergonomics. People will be able to work more comfortably without pain in the upper body section. Working and being more productive without being concerned with pain in the upper body and living healthier lives. This would be a solution to sitting and standing adjustable desks, and other products on the market.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

They are designed to help people who suffer from chronic pain in the upper body. They support the lower to upper back, shoulders, sides of the body, and upper arms with sleeves. They help to improve blood circulation including to the heart. They help to relax muscles. There is no discomfort to the abdominal area while sitting or bending over, unlike most back support devices on the market. People can work, perform better and live healthier lives.

Competitive Advantage

They support more areas of the back, they are multi purpose, they help improve blood circulation in the chest area, specifically to the heart due to the chest attachment compression. The abdomen is not covered in order to make it more comfortable while sitting or bending over. Back braces and most lower back support devices sold are discomforting while sitting or bending over.

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