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Patent Portfolio for License:

Extensive Robotics Patent Portfolio    

This portfolio consists of several hundred U.S. patents and numerous patents in Japan and other countries.


An extensive range of patents has been developed for use in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The portfolio is available for exclusive licensing in certain fields of use including healthcare and manufacturing, aerospace and transportation sectors.

The technology combines software, mechanical manipulators, sensors, controllers and computers to provide programmable automation.

Primary Application of the Technology

These robotic techniques have been developed for high-precision, clean room environments.

Other Potential Applications

The range of potential applications is almost boundless. Potential applications include surgical and other medical applications, micro-robotics for nanotech applications, oil exploration, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, packing, etc.

Competitive Advantage

An exclusive field-of-use license to these technologies could provide your organization with a unique competitive advantage.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

The portfolio is available for exclusive licensing within specified fields of use.

Additional Information

Several hundred patents are filed in the U.S., Japan and other countries.

Some of the technology developed from this portfolio was deployed in the Mars Rover.