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mHealth data capture    

This is BI in its purest form. The technology performs data capture of encrypted codes through SMS/WiFi


mobile health (mHealth) 20 year Federal utility patent. POint of care, Data Capture, bar code, mobile to web communication platform.

Key Benefits:
Healthcare Data Management
Increased Billable
Administrative Efficiency
Clean and Accurate Data
Improved Program Fidelity Management

Primary Application of the Technology

Primary Market: Healthcare
• Billing and Revenue cycle management
• Care Management
• Medication Management/Adherence
• Clinical Trials
• Point of Care

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Improved health of organization through Data Capture. Increased patient safety, improved treatment fidelity, accountability, data integrity and increased billables.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Enabling Data Capture through Mobile Devices improves efficacy and efficiency in data management

Competitive Advantage

This is the only technology patented system to leverage mobile data capture and web communication through the use of bar codes. The entire system is patented through 16 claims as a utility. The system is an single solution or a value add feature to any existing software or enterprise platform. The systems reduces overall data collection, standardizes processes and improves data accuracy.