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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 411: Expanded, Threaded, Driven, Headed, Tool-Deformed, Or Locked-Threaded Fastener

This class is the locus for the following types of fasteners: An anchoring-type or holding-type fastener; a tool driven externally threaded fastener (eg. bolt, screw); a tool driven internally threaded fastener (eg. nut); an impact driven fastener (eg. nail, staple); a tool driven or discrete, headed, elongated-shank fastener adapted to be moved along its longitudinal axis into coaxial apertures in a workpiece; a tool deformed or tool driven fastener (eg. cotter pin) which is closely allied in use with the other fasteners of this class. This class is also the locus for a threaded bolt or a threaded nut.

Subclass 512: Having elastomeric material