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Composition and Method for Treating Ulcers    

An effective and efficient therapeutic compound for treatment of peptic ulcer disease, very safe and affordable.


A single therapeutic compound for effective treatment of peptic ulcer disease, no need to combine PPI's and antibiotics etc. An effective treatment taken once daily for 3 days to achieve the desired result, NOT for management but for efficient treatment of peptic ulcer disease. Highly efficacious and very safe. Safety and efficacy profile is NOT comparable to any similar existing drug. It is a novel and disruptive invention made from natural edibles and affordable.

The test results authenticated its efficacy in three ulcer models. The acute oral toxicity study revealed an LD50 of 22837.21 g/kg weight, this value was far above the proposed 5000–15000 mg/kg value at which any substance can be said to be practically non-toxic.

Primary Application of the Technology

Food supplement
Herbal medicine
Herbal food supplement

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Effectively treating peptic ulcer disease, whether induced by H. pylori, NSAID, non-H. pylori and non-NSAID associated ulcers and it's recurrence, these are major issue for healthcare providers. Both young and old suffer these diseases, especially the elderly retirees. Solving these problems in a cost effective manner is a challenge.

Multi-drug mix and recurrence in the management of peptic ulcer disease is not only expensive, but is typically not easy for the patient. Heavy doses of antibiotics can cause the patient immunity-related problems, as well as a host of various side effect associated with each drug. Further, the varying types of antibiotics promote the proliferation of antibiotics-resistant bacteria in the environment.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The formulation is a short dose therapy, taken once daily for three(3) days for the desired result.

Competitive Advantage

- Efficient treatment of peptic ulcer disease, it relieves ulcer pain fast.
- Highly efficacious and very safe, safety and efficacy profile is NOT comparable to any existing drug.
- Novel and disruptive invention made from natural edibles.
- Affordable.
- Suitable for commercialization through multi level marketing.

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Does it have other targets?. Yes

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