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Cell-based Device for Local Treatment with Therapeutic Proteins    

Cell-based device for local treatment with therapeutic proteins treatment of chronic wounds and neurodegenerative diseases


A therapeutic device with therapeutic cells that secrete a combination of therapeutic proteins. The therapeutic cells are stored in a semi-permeable chamber that enables the exchange of nutritional substances and therapeutic proteins.

The therapeutic device is useful for various therapeutic purposes, such as the treatment of chronic wounds and neurodegenerative diseases. Stem cell therapy is one of the approaches to the challenges of regenerative medicine, but the therapy has a series of difficulties, thus the idea of the inventors to replace stem cells with therapeutic cells that secrete biologically active molecules is an important step towards a safer and cost effective therapy.

Primary Application of the Technology

Chronic wounds and neurodegenerative diseases

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Wound healing and neurodegenerative diseases

How the Technology Solves the Problem

This invention presents a therapeutic device comprising cells secreting a combination of therapeutic proteins, where the cells are located in a container which enables the exchange of nutrients and therapeutic proteins. The cells producing therapeutic proteins are present in the device in ratios and/or show expression and secretion of the therapeutic proteins which are appropriate for therapeutic application.

Competitive Advantage

- Replacing the stem cells when treating chronic wounds and neurodegenerative diseases.
- The effective elimination of a series of issues accompanying stem cell therapy.
- Safer (we can controle the release of proteins) and more effective (individualized for a particular therapy required)
- Production at large scale for all patients (universality)

Additional Information

R&D cooperation, technology licencing

Pre-clinical phase for chronical wound healing