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Ovenable Corrugated Baking Pan    

Thermoformed paper corrugated baking pan - a recyclable container that can be used as the packaging container, baking pan and serving dish.


Ovenable corrugated paper baking container. Suitable packaging for food, including frozen foods. The consumer can place it in an oven or microwave.

The container is designed with an inner liner to prevent food from either leaking or sticking to the container when the food is heated. The corrugated liner provides insulation and keeps the container cool to touch. The paper container is designed to heat or cook foods in temperatures of up to 400° F. and to resist burning or charring, as well as to retain its structure.

A cost-effective and sustainable alternative to CPET, alumium foil, metal, and traditional paperboard trays!

Primary Application of the Technology

Food packaging
Disposable baking pan
Food storage container

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Allows the manufacturer to ship food products to the consumer in a ready to use baking pan.

It is a freezable, bakeable, servable, disposable, recyclable container.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Technology substitutes paper corrugated pan for metal, glass, aluminium or other packaging material.

Competitive Advantage

- Multipurpose - can serve as original packaging, baking pan and serving dish that is cool to touch
- Suitable for the oven or microwave
- Suitable for frozen food
- Disposable - no need for cleaning
- Recyclable
- Cheaper than alternative packaging
- Light - less packaging weight

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

To sell series of patents related to this technology.

The seller may consider selling these patents individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the container retain its shape and strength after cooking?
Yes, the container is rather heavy duty given the 3-ply nature of the product. It definitely retains shape before, during, and after cooking.

How can the container be cool to touch when it comes out of the oven?
It is cool to the touch because of its 3-ply nature. The center ply is a corrugated paper. This creates an air pocket between the inner baking layer and the outer layer that you would touch when removing from the oven. It is like a corrugated cup or a java jacket you would get with a cup of coffee. This is what creates the cool to the touch component. Also, paper does not retain very much heat.

Is the container suitable for the oven, microwave, and the freezer?
Yes, it is suitable for all three. The packaging is suitable for shipping and cooking frozen foods in either a microwave or an oven, as well as non-frozen foods.

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