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Making Holographic Data of Complex Waveforms    

Differentiation or recognition of a waveform pattern.


The primary goal of the invention is to differentiate actual waveforms as distinct objective entities or compressed singularities, so as to compare them with other waveforms also similarly compressed as singularities. Having this ability as a most powerful launch platform, if enough essential information is gathered from sensory intelligence or other vibratory data in the form of waveforms, it is absolutely possible to recognize complex objects, situations and events and other problems by use of the invention.

Primary Application of the Technology

Recognition of complex objects, sitations and events.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Whereas conventional physical or digital holography makes holograms of physically or virtually solid objects, respectively, our technique freezes a time-based fluctuating state of pure energy—a waveform in and of itself. We have achieved this by inverting certain principles involved in conventional holography. We call this holographic method time-icing a waveform. For many applications it is more efficient by orders of magnitude than the traditional Cooley-Tukey algorithm of Fast Fourier Analysis since it permits wholesale differentiation of a waveform as compared with others, as well as the differentiation of spectral components, individually, or combinatorically, en masse.

Competitive Advantage

We have invented a method which solves most of the difficulties experienced in the pattern recognition sciences in a novel, speedy and what we feel is a much more elegant manner than the prior art. It involves making holograms of complex waveforms, a technique we call the ‘HOW’ method (Hologram of Waveform).

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