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Wide Angle Side View Mirror for Large Vehicles    

A wide view "West Coast" style side mirror that effectively minimizes the "Blind Zones" for drivers of Commercial Trucks, Motor Coaches, Buses, RV's and Private Haulers.


A continuous single piece mirror surface consisting of a combination of curvature, planar and curvature profile providing excellent clarity and greater than TWICE the VIEW of the mirrors currently in use today. The inner curvature allows the driver to reference the side of the vehicle, the center planar section, since moved outward, now allows the driver to view the entire lane next to the vehicle and the outer curvature expands the view to beyond the next lane. With current prototypes, the driver side viewing angle has been increased from 15 degrees to 35 degrees and the passenger side viewing angle also increased, from 8 degrees to 21 degrees. Allowing drivers to see more, quickly and easily with less fatigue while minimizing the "Blind Spots" helps to reduce the possibility of an accident that may include a fatality.

Primary Application of the Technology

OEM and aftermarket sales for: Tractor-Trailers, Motor Coaches, Buses, Recreational Vehicles (RV's), Personal Haulers, Wide-Load Interstate Haulers, Service Trucks, Farming and Logging Trucks, Delivery Trucks, Construction Vehicles and Rental Equipment.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Seeing more is just the beginning. Driver fatigue is a significant problem when it comes to driving long distances and for long periods of time. The numerous mirrors drivers utilize to see around their vehicles while maneuvering in traffic are difficult to focus on as each mirror is of a different size and aspect, being that all the additional mirrors besides the side view mirror are convex or spherical and designed for proximity use. Another concern with using convex mirrors is that even when you can determine there is another vehicle along side, you can not distinguish it's speed or rate of approach. This hinders the driver's confidence thus delaying a driving decision.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Allowing the driver to see more clearly, quickly and easily means that any decision the driver needs to make can be done without delay for making sense of what can be deciphered from the additional mirrors. Keep in mind that a Semi-Truck traveling at 65 mph or 95 fps (feet per second) could have a total braking distance of 525 feet. Normal reaction time is 1.5 seconds and air brake lag is another 35 feet. This can be greatly affected with an increase in distance based on road traction conditions, weather conditions, as well as the weight of the rig and the type of cargo being hauled, as well as driver's fatigue. The driver's eyes need to be seeing the ever changing road and traffic conditions ahead as much as possible. Any delay in a decision means danger is approaching quickly.

Competitive Advantage

Current side view mirrors used on large and over-sized vehicles have been the same since the first mirror has been added to a vehicle. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 111) as stated requires at least 323cm2 of flat (planar) surface and no one has thought to expand upon it in a way that would actually allow the driver to see exactly what he/she needs to see. This unique profile configuration provides the driver a complete view from the side of the long vehicle/trailer (top to bottom) to beyond the lane adjacent to the vehicle. Most importantly is that the flat part of the mirror required by the FMVSS 111 sees the entire lane next to the vehicle where accidents occur most often.