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Optimise communication, localisation, and power control in wireless / cellular networks    

This technology optimises communication and proximity services, minimises network interference, and improves power control in cellular / wireless networks


Steps include sending specific information to user equipment (e.g. mobile device) so that the device and adjacent base stations can determine optimal power requirements and minimise interference levels from other neighbouring networks.

The apparatus also includes a self-tracking component, a signal detection component and a location estimation component

Key benefits are network and handset optimisation, improved localisation, minimising network interference and the enhancement of power management

Primary Application of the Technology

1. Device manufacturers
2. Mobile networks
3. Location based products
4. GPS solutions
5. Power management
6. Optimisation services

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Network optimisation, better power control, reduced network interference, enhanced localisation / proximity based functionality

How the Technology Solves the Problem

This technology uses simple inventions such as novel signalling designs, innovative transmit power controls, unique mode selection of devices, as well as novel interference coordination (ICIC)

Competitive Advantage

This solution solves major problems as well as offering vast scalability in networks, it is a superior technology.

Additional Information

The inventor is an Associate Professor in Sweden and a world renowned expert in 5G networks. He has written books used in ten universities worldwide as well as significant patent experience having had one patent adopted in IEEE WiMax standard and two patents already adopted at the 3GPP LTE-A standard