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Transparent Reservoir For Storing and Dispensing Fluid    

The product is used to store a fluid within a transparent reservoir. A user can monitor a fluid level in the transparent reservoir.


The transparent reservoir is used to store a fluid. A user can monitor the quantity of fluid delivered from the transparent reservoir. Also, an automated mixer positioned below the transparent reservoir allows the user to automatically mix fluids of various compositions and temperatures to a user desired composition and temperature.

Primary Application of the Technology

Water dispensers, coffee dispensers, water heaters, water coolers

The Problem Solved by the Technology

The present invention allows a user to mix a first fluid and a second fluid in user desired proportions to achieve a user desired fluid composition. An automated mixer is provided which achieves this end result.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The technology solves a problem of mixing two or more fluids of different compositions and temperatures by automating the mixing of the two fluids.

Competitive Advantage

The existing water dispensers only provide hot water or cold water to the end user. The current technology allows a end user to mix hot water and cold water in desired proportions at a user defined temperature. This provides a superior edge over the competitors product.

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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 137: Fluid Handling

Fluid material handling, and takes processes, systems, combinations, subcombinations and certain elements pertaining thereto not otherwise classified. Fluid materials include gas and liquids primarily, but the handling of other flowable materials, as fluent granular solids, is also found. Handling of fluent material by flow, as by confining, directing, causing and/or controlling the flow, and includes making the material available for flow or separating a smaller from a larger body of fluid material, as by tanks, containers, receivers, traps, etc., or pipes or conduits, with or without siphons, pumps, pressure or displacing fluids or other flow imparting means.

Subclass 563: Closed circulating system
Subclass 572: Separable with valved-connecting passage
Subclass 575: Plural top-to-bottom connected tanks

Class 220: Receptacles

Receptacles comprised of a peripheral wall with at least one closed end, and having an access opening which may be an open end of the receptacles, or which may be provided in the peripheral wall or closed end of the receptacle. Receptacles of this class type must function, by disclosure, to hold contents which in turn are to be eventually removed from the receptacle.

Subclass 567.3: For hot water heater or boiler
Subclass 592.28: For use with a heated fluent medium (e.g., hot air, hot water, steam)

Class 236: Automatic Temperature And Humidity Regulation

Automatic temperature and humidity regulation, this class is confined to automatically operating temperature or humidity controlling mechanism.