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Lithium-Ion Battery Portfolio    

Portfolio of Patents Have Priority Dates back to 2000


This portfolio of patents is offered for sale by a large US corporation and covers key inventions applicable to lithium-ion and other batteries. Inventions address areas such as optimization and monitoring of charging and discharge, measurement of charged capacity, hybrid power and the user of batteries in an automobile.

Applicable to battery (lithium-ion) and related technology such as managing/monitoring performance, charging. Super-charged capacitors and power supplies with (DC/DC convertors).

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 320: Electricity: Battery Or Capacitor Charging Or Discharging

Method or apparatus for controlled or regulated charging, discharging, or combined charging and discharging of one or more voltaic cells, batteries, or capacitors. Charging or electrically rejuvenating (e.g., depolarizing, etc.) a voltaic cell, battery, or electrical capacitor, wherein said charging or rejuvenating is accomplished by controlled addition of electrical energy into the cell, battery, or capacitor. Discharging - a voltaic cell, battery, or electrical capacitor, wherein discharging is accomplished by controlled release of electrical. A cell, battery, or capacitor structurally combined with a generator or electrical converter, whether or not electrical interconnection therebetween is recited.

Subclass 104: Vehicle battery charging
Subclass 122: Bypassable battery cell
Subclass 128: With charging
Subclass 132: With state-of-charge detection
Subclass 148: With peak detection of current or voltage (e.g., delta-V or delta-I utilized, etc.)
Subclass 149: With detection of current or voltage integral (e.g., total charge, etc.)
Subclass 162: With detection of current or voltage amplitude
Subclass 167: For large capacitance (e.g., super capacitor, memory backup capacitor, etc.)

Class 324: Electricity: Measuring And Testing

This is the residual home for all subject matter, not elsewhere classified, relating to the measuring, testing (or sensing) of electric properties, (e.g., determining ground resistivity, determining frequency of an alternating current, determining kilowatt hour demand), or the measuring, testing or sensing of nonelectric properties by electric means (e.g., determining moisture, a nonelectric property, by measuring conductance with a resistance bridge; determining speed, a nonelectric property by use of an electric tachometer).

Subclass 429: To determine load/no-load voltage
Subclass 434: To determine plural cell condition

Class 429: Chemistry: Electrical Current Producing Apparatus, Product, And Process

This class is the generic class for devices which produce an electrical current by means of a chemical reaction or change in physical state (e.g., from liquid to gas, etc.). Also included are the following subject matter not provided for elsewhere. 1. Structural combinations of the device, subcombinations and elements thereof. 2. Electrolyte, compositions of the same, and process of preparation. 3. Process of operating the device. 4. Miscellaneous process involving the device.cata

Subclass 92: Having electrical circuitry

Class 341: Coded Data Generation Or Conversion

1) originating or emitting a coded set of discrete signals or 2) translating one code into another code wherein the information signal content remains the same but the formats may differ. For classification herein, at least one of the codes must be a set of pulses or digits and electrical in nature.

Subclass 106: Coding by table look-up techniques

Class 307: Electrical Transmission Or Interconnection Systems

This is the residual class for all subject matter, not elsewhere classified, relating to electrical transmission or interconnection systems.

Subclass 64: Substitute or emergency source
Subclass 66: Storage battery or accumulator