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A system for anchoring soft tissue to bone    

Ideal solution for attaching soft tissue to bone after trauma using a unique dual implant process


This highly effective and efficient implant concept offers significant improvements over existing implants, combining the advantages of both staple and screw systems. Further added values include simplicity, speed of execution, superior pull-out strength, stability, significant reduction of risk of bone damage and tissue rupture as well as enhanced tissue adherence and integration, leading to quicker patient mobility. The dual implant procedure saves up to 40 minutes per surgery compared to conventional anchors.

Primary Application of the Technology

Medial collateral ligament repair, Lateral collateral ligament repair, Lateral and medial stabilization, Rotator cuff repair, SLAP lesion repair, Acute/chronic dislocation, Bankart lesion repair, Acromio-clavicular separation, Deltoid repair, Biceps tendesis, Tennis elbow repair, Biceps tendon reattachment, Scapholunate ligament reconstruction, Bladder neck suspension

The Problem Solved by the Technology

- Avoids drilling and consequent loss of bone mass.
- Simultaneous implantation of two anchors without requiring drilling saves time & effort.
- Enhanced tissue adherence and integration.
- Substantial decrease in risk of rupturing the tissue.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

- No drilling or need for complicated tools: Quick & easy implantation, reduced risk
- Biological self locking: High pull out strength and greater stability
- No metal outside bone surface: Enhances and speeds up healing process
- Surgeon's choice of suture and precise anchor spacing: Reduces risk of rupturing tissue

Competitive Advantage

- Provides greater pull-out strength and superior stability compared to a single anchor.
- Combines the advantages of staple and anchor.
- Acts as an insurance for the surgeon.
- Surgical procedure time reduced by approximately 40%.
- Rapid healing and tissue integration
- Patients get their mobility and “quality of life” back faster.

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