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Dual Screen OLED Display    

Efficient dual screen OLED


A dual-screen OLED display device. Two organic electro luminescent display panels are encapsulated into a single body. The amount of substrate used in packaging of the OLED display device is reduced. Plus, the weight and the size of the display device are reduced. This reduces the manufacturing costs.

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 313: Electric Lamp And Discharge Devices

This is the generic class for electric lamp and electric space discharge device structure. Examples of such devices are electric incandescent lamps, gas or vapor filled electric discharge tubes, including lamps, mercury arc devices, vacuum discharge tubes, radio tubes, cyclotrons, cathode-ray tubes, photosensitive discharge devices, secondary emission electron multipliers, spark plugs, and open air arc and spark devices.

Subclass 1: PLURAL UNIT
Subclass 500: Matrix or array
Subclass 503: With particular phosphor or electrode material
Subclass 504: Organic phosphor
Subclass 505: With electrode matrix
Subclass 506: Plural layers
Subclass 512: With envelope or encapsulation

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