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Agriculture Protection Device - Helps Grow Agricultural Products    

Protecting agricultural produce to increase product yield while reducing the use of pesticides.


This agriculture protecting device helps grow agricultural products with proven a­d­vantages, including demonstrated produc­ti­vity increase and product quality enh­anc­ement. It is a cheap solution, with no pollut­ing ­product involved, reducing the use ­of pe­sticides .

The technology also ha­s valu­able applications in terms of foo­d trans­port and storage. Public laborat­ories an­d universities have tested the ­product successfully. The technology is being practiced, units are in producti­on and customers ar­e happy wit­h the results.

The device consists of a tubular element comprising a flexible mesh or a non-woven fabric, which can optionally be closed at the lower and upper openings.

Primary Application of the Technology

Agricultural Industry:
- Agricultural products protection
- Productivity increase, quality enhancement,
- Food transportation
- Food storage

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Birds, insects, dust and microflora are major threats to agricultural products. Lots of products are designed to bring protection, including chemical products like pesticides. As we know, these products generate a high cost from a financial, human and environmental perspectives.
Same goes for food storage and transportation. Humidity and air pollution are then other issues to consider. Maintaining the taste of the products for a maximum period of time is a priority.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Given the design, no pollution is involved when using the device. Meanwhile the device has a demonstrated efficiency in bringing protection against the threats described above. Besides, the productivity increases in a substancial magnitude.
When considering food storage and transportation constraints, the device acts as a shield against humidity and air pollution and helps extending the consumption period of the product.

Competitive Advantage

- no pollution
- cheap
- highly efficient

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 47: Plant Husbandry

Apparatus and processes employed in treating the earth and its products and includes all inventions relating thereto that have not been especially provided for in other classes.

Subclass 20.1: COVER, SHADE, OR SCREEN
Subclass 24.1: For fruit

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