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Automatic Snow Chains Device for a Vehicle    

Automatic device designed to attach and remove snow chains from inside a vehicle using a single button.


It's an automatic device designed to attach and remove snow chains, it is controlled from inside a vehicle using a single button.

The device can be installed during the manufacture of a car, bus or truck. It can also be installed after manufacture by a vehicle owner.

Primary Application of the Technology

Automotive Industry: Cars, Trucks, Buses.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

On snowy or icy roads, placing or removing chains is a time consumming and sometimes difficult process.
It's however a security requirement (sometimes mandatory) than can be avoided safely depending on the conditions, in practice many drivers keep unsafe in order to save time and accidents may occur.
Besides when entering a tunnel, the driver needs to remove the chains to place them back after leaving the tunnel in order to protect the road (which is also a mandatory requirement). This is a "double effort" many drivers are tempted to avoid despite potential fines, thus leading to an increased road deterioration and higher costs for local authorities.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The above problems are solved by the device thanks to the automatic process triggered from within the car and the ease of use.

Competitive Advantage

- no need to leave the car to place the chains

Additional Information

Patent is issued in Spain.