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A Design Patent for a Slim Inhaler    

A thin design alternative for the common inhaler


The thin design of this inhaler allows it to be carried more easily, especially for the active individual. The design is the same size as an iPod. This design makes it convenient to carry in any existing iPod or phone carrying cases. The thin design also allows for discreet storage on the person such as in pants pockets. The inhaler has a hide away mouth piece that keep it clean of dirt and debris, the flat shape also allow for potential advertising on the inhaler, i.e. sports team logos.

Primary Application of the Technology

Prescription drug companies that are in the rescue inhaler market

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Eliminates the bulky, sometimes embarrassing, inhalers that are currently on the market

How the Technology Solves the Problem

This slim design solution makes carrying and using an inhaler much more convenient and user friendly.

Competitive Advantage

Slim discreet design that allows for easy carry and a clean delivery, also with an attractive design option for adding a promo to the inhaler to make it more appealing

Additional Information

To request to see a video demonstration of the inhaler click 'tell me more'.

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Class D24: Medical And Laboratory Equipment

Ornamental designs for: pharmaceutical product; prophylactic article; equipment for diagnosis, analysis or treatment; laboratory equipment not elsewhere specified.